New Zealand Universities are some of the most underrated educational institutes in the world among English Speaking Countries. This peace-loving country is home to some of the most research-heavy, technically advanced Universities. Study in New Zealand should definitely be on your radar if you are looking to study abroad. And when you decide on it, this is the guide you should refer, to for the application process and requirements at New Zealand Universities:

How to apply to Universities in New Zealand?

1. Top New Zealand Universities to Look Forward

Eight of the New Zealand Universities appear in World University Rankings by QS. The University of Auckland is the highest rated of them all, with close to 30000 students studying in this highly research-oriented public University in New Zealand. It is the only New Zealand University that is ranked in the Top 100 Universities in the world. Here is the list of New Zealand Universities with their world rankings:

Top Universities in New Zealand

QS World Ranking

  1. University of Auckland


  1. University of Otago


  1. Victoria University of Wellington


  1. University of Canterbury


  1. University of Waikato


  1. Lincoln University


  1. Massey University


  1. Auckland University of Technology


2. Top Courses to Study in New Zealand

Universities in New Zealand are known for their technological advancement and high research output as we mentioned earlier. Here is the list of top courses that you should look forward to:

3. How To Apply at New Zealand Universities?

Apply Online:

International students can apply on university websites, or via e-mails. Offline applications, done with traditional mail, are also a way to apply. They are just more time-consuming than the online application.

Documents Required

Depending on the course you choose, you will be asked to provide some necessary documents to apply at New Zealand Universities. Here is the general list of documents, however, depending on the University and course, there could be some additional requirements:

  • A Birth Certificate

  • Passport Size Photographs

  • A Valid Passport and Other Identity Proofs

  • Letters of Recommendation

  • Degrees and Certificate of Previous Studies

  • All Transcripts

  • Statement of Purpose / Application Essay

  • Application Fees, if applicable for the University. (Application Fees are decided by universities in New Zealand, ranging from NZ$ 25 to NZ$ 50)

  • Resume / CV

  • Monetary Proof for the duration of the stay in New Zealand

There are tests required for the specific courses and programs such as GMAT or GRE, check with the University you are applying to, and if there is a requirement, you will have to submit the test scores along with the application.

English Language Requirement

As you will be studying in an English Speaking University in New Zealand, to comprehend what is being taught and submit the assignments, you are required to have a basic level of English Language Proficiency. Most Universities in New Zealand have a set requirement of minimum scores in IELTS, TOEFL, or PTE (English Language Proficiency Tests).

If not met with the certain requirements for the course, you might be asked to enroll for an English Language Course in New Zealand to meet the program requirements.

Application Deadlines

There are two application deadlines to study in New Zealand for higher education at the University. During Summer, the deadlines to apply at New Zealand Universities fall in June-July. For the Winter deadlines, January-February is the month.

The Application Process and the Deadlines will change with courses and Universities in New Zealand. It is always advisable to research your course details and be prepared with all the documents and test scores before applying.

4. After the Application - New Zealand Student Visa Requirements:

Students who are pursuing a full-time course in New Zealand require a Fee Paying Full Time Study Visa. The Visa also allows the students to study and work in New Zealand part-time, twenty hours a week. Here are some basic New Zealand Student Visa Requirements:

Financial Requirements:

The minimum amount one needs to prove for the successful visa application for New Zealand is NZ$15000 for the first year. Keep in mind that this is just the minimum requirement for immigration. The living costs will change from state to state and depend largely on where you are staying.

An Acceptance Letter from a University in New Zealand, A place to stay in New Zealand, Enough monetary funds to sustain yourself during your stay. The maximum Validity of this Visa is for four years.

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