New Zealand or the land of Kiwis is not known just for its amazing cricket team or its great rugby players. It has taken great strides in the fields of education as well. Added to this is the fact that New Zealand’s immigration policies are a tad relaxed compared to several other countries, making it an ideal destination for students to come study here. Following are some of the reasons to study in New Zealand.

Five best Reasons to Study in New Zealand

Top Ranked Universities in New Zealand:

There are several universities in New Zealand that are in the top 100, most notably University of Auckland. The others in the list include universities like Canterbury, Waikato, etc. These have a significant impact when students are deciding which universities to choose from. Their education system is quite vast and varied, primarily from the public administered schools. In addition to that, there are more than 20 universities of technology and polytechnic courses that the country boasts of which attract students from all over

Courses and Course Structures:

New Zealand follows the British system of research in teaching, on similar lines to the Indian educational system, which makes it easier for Indians to adjust. Also, owing to the number of universities in the top 100 list, the number of students here has jumped significantly. Some of the popular courses to study here include a degree in business administration, professional accounting, Engineering, etc.

Entry Requirements:

Universities in New Zealand have a relatively easier entry policy when it comes to taking students in. While the USA or the UK counterparts may require exorbitantly high scores, New Zealand scores are relatively lower for admission. In addition to this, the visa requirements are slightly relaxed compared to other countries such as Australia, America, or England which clamp down on foreign students entering their country for studying

Student Friendliness and Cost of Living:

One thing that people usually omit researching about until the very end is how student-friendly the cities that they are going to study in are. Studying in New Zealand is one such affair that comes at a friendly price. Cost of living there is also quite moderate, with living expenses ranging somewhere around 90 NZ$ in some of the lesser cities and 150 NZ$ in some of the metros, per week. A PG Course in any university in New Zealand costs about 10000 NZ$ to 30000 NZ$ annually which is really affordable considering some of its peer counterparts

Country and People:

Studying in New Zealand and life in any University in New Zealand a certain exposure that comes from friendly people and great landscape and countrysides. The citizens are friendly towards the international students and are open to learning and respecting the culture in general. Apart from this, New Zealand is also known for its great landscapes and great views. Some of the greatest movies like Lord Of The Rings have been shot in the scenic locations of New Zealand which should be self-explanatory of the beauty of New Zealand.


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