So, you have finished your study in New Zealand, right? Well then, I guess it is time to leave? Don’t you want to? We get it. New Zealand is a place filled with interesting attractions and amazing sights.

Not to mention the wonderful people as well as the culture here. So, it is quite evident why you would want to stay in New Zealand. However, the question still arises that how are you going to do that.

What to Do In New Zealand after You Graduate

For those who might think that attending their graduation ceremony in New Zealand is the end of their trip, they are absolutely wrong. If you are international students then there are some options that you could look into when you are in New Zealand.

Staying Back In New Zealand

For someone who wishes to stay in a beautiful place like New Zealand after the completion of their studies, there is one option to do so. After your study in New Zealand, you could just apply for a particular visa for work in the country for staying here after graduating.

There are plenty of work opportunities in New Zealand so it would be easy for international students to get a work visa to stay back in New Zealand.

The students who are foreign in New Zealand and have had their qualification, they are allowed to have more experience in the country about different careers that are related to their study subjects.

There are many different immigration policies in New Zealand. These particularly include a certain post-study way of working for the foreign students who are looking for a way to stay in New Zealand after the qualification of their studies.

This pathway that we are talking about is a certain help to the students who need to find a working environment and land a job in the country. Not only do you get the much-needed work experience in the field of your study, but you also get to stay in New Zealand.

The application procedure for a work visa in New Zealand is pretty simple Want to know the best part? Well, it is this that you might even find an easy residence in the area as well. Doesn’t that sound amazing? Well, of course, it does.

Different Types of Work Visa Available In New Zealand

Depending on the course structure of your study in New Zealand, there are different time periods for which you will be allowed work.

Applying for the Newzealand visa and getting the approval might take a little bit more of your time. There are two distinct ways of applying for a work visa. We will be discussing that below.

  • Open Work Visa: The open work visa gets you a career in the field that has a direct relation to your study. You will be allowed to work anywhere you want
  • Employee-Assisted Work Visa: The Employee-assisted work visa is the one that allows the students to gain a minimum experience in a job for about 2-3 years. With this work visa, you will get a specific employer under which you will be working for a specific amount of time

Some students get to work in New Zealand for a period of four years in New Zealand. Also, if you are lucky, you might get a residence as well.

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