New Zealand has a lot to offer to international students coming to its shores than it meets the eyes. Among the subcontinent countries, Study in New Zealand for Indian Students has been on the list for years now. With quality education and a large number of studies opportunities, New Zealand is not a surprising choice either. Here is all you need to know about study in New Zealand for Indian Students:

Study in New Zealand for Indian Students

Universities in New Zealand:

Coming to the educational institutes, there is no shortage of options available to study in New Zealand for Indian Students. Eight of the universities in New Zealand are ranked among the top universities of the world by QS World Rankings. Here are the top universities for Indian Students in New Zealand:

Other Universities in New Zealand ranked highly in University Rankings:

As it is apparent here, along with the universities, there are also a number of institutes of technology and polytechnics in New Zealand along with the eight universities of the country. 

Life in New Zealand for Indian students

After China, Indians make the largest number of international students in New Zealand. In fact, according to the ministry of external affairs, New Zealand is the sixth most preferred country by Indian Students, with around 30,000 Indian Students studying in New Zealand


New Zealand is a safe, peaceful country that is welcoming to international students. People in New Zealand love their sports and outdoor activities. They are also part of a hard-working, corruption-less economy which is one of the strongest in the world. In short, New Zealand offers the best of living conditions and opportunities after one has studied in the country.


New Zealand also offers some of the best landscapes for the nature-lovers. There is enough on offer for the students who are adventure lovers and believe in road trips over the weekends. It is also one of the most diverse cultures, with a large demographic made of international students.


Cost of study in New Zealand for Indian students:

There are minimum requirements of the funds that a student is required to fulfill if he or she wants to study in New Zealand. If the course duration is less than 36 weeks, a student is required to show NZD 1250 a month for the duration of the course. If a course is longer than that, the students are required to have a fund of NZD 15000 every year. The tuition fees for the universities will change in the courses one opts for. Medical and Management courses will have higher tuition fees than other courses. The Living costs will also differ from place to place and with students’ lifestyles. Here is more on costs: Cost of study in New Zealand for Indian students


Can Indians Study in New Zealand for free?

Unfortunately, the answer is No. International students are not eligible for free education. Under some circumstances and for some of the universities, the first year of tertiary education is free for students who are from New Zealand. Some universities also offer tuition-free universities to immigrants who have stayed in New Zealand for three or more years. 


Study in New Zealand Requirements

To get into a university in New Zealand, there are some basic requirements for Indian students as well as international students. Some of the basic requirements to study in New Zealand for Indian students include English Language Proficiency which can be proven by the tests like IELTS and TOEFL. There can also be course-specific entrance exams like GMAT and GRE. The universities are needed to be applied online by international students. For both the intakes in New Zealand (January and July), there are some deadlines students are required to be aware of. Here is a detailed, step-by-step guide: How to Apply at Universities in New Zealand?


Study in New Zealand scholarship:

There are a number of scholarships available to study in New Zealand. The scholarships can be provided by either the university or the government of New Zealand. Scholarships offered in New Zealand can be of two types: Need-based and Merit-based. Scholarships can be for students who are specifically from India, Asia, or the commonwealth countries. Students are required to check with the entities first if they are eligible for the scholarships or not. As it is the case with Universities, most of the scholarships are needed to be applied online. Here is more: Study in New Zealand Scholarship


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