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New Zealand has taken great strides in the field of education. Studying in New Zealand and life in any University in New Zealand gives a certain exposure that comes from friendly people and great landscapes and countryside. This peace-loving country is home to many technically advanced Universities. Studying in New Zealand should be on your list if you are looking to study abroad. And when you decide on it, this is the guide you should refer to, Do's and Don'ts for International Students in New Zealand.


Do's and Don'ts for International Students in New Zealand


Dos for International Students for New Zealand

1. Pick the right Courses to study in New Zealand

Universities in New Zealand have plenty of courses to offer for international students. Before you finalize your course, check whether it fits your academic and career goals. If yes, check its eligibility criteria and requirements, if you can fill them, only then apply. You should not miss this: Most Employable Courses in New Zealand for International Students

2. Find a safe accommodation

One of the mandatory and necessary things to do or at least have a plan about is accommodation. You can choose accommodation within the university campus if it is offered in your chosen university. They will be available as catered or self-catered. If you are opting for accommodation outside the campus, make sure it falls into your budget as an international student. You can contact your university officers for the accommodation facilities and they will often assist you with this.

3. Travel and explore the new place

New Zealand is such a beautiful country and there are several places to travel to.  On weekends or holidays, you should take the time to travel to all the exciting places. If you love mountains, travel to the North Island. If you like beaches travel to the South Island. You should also go on university trips. 

4. Make friends

Traveling in the city is both fun and safe if you have some friends along. So make efforts to make some good friends with whom you can hang out. Several universities in New Zealand organize special programs like “Buddy systems” to help international students to adjust in a new environment. Also note, these friends will be for a lifetime helping and guiding you. They might help you in your professional life. 

5. Get a part-time job

All international students are allowed to work up to 20 hours per week on a New Zealand student visa. There is an abundance of jobs on campus and you will meet a lot of interesting people while working. It is a great opportunity to earn and support your expenses while studying. Your job might include a lot of activities, which will help you to grow your knowledge.

Don’ts for International Students for New Zealand

1. Don't be careless with your documents

Keep your documents ready and safe to carry out things smoothly. Your passport, identification documents, visa papers, and immigration forms should always be kept in a safe place.  Do not carry your passport along with you when you are traveling in the city. You will need the documents for further formalities in your life, so missing any one of them can put you in trouble. So without being careless, be focused on keeping documents safely.

2. Don’t restrict yourself to only academics

Explore the local culture in New Zealand. There are dozens of ways to enjoy arts and culture right on your university campus. Musical groups, social events, dance groups, cultural events, and a number of other activities going on at the campus all the time. Enjoy the cultural experiences that are available on and off-campus. You will feel like you are investing your time a lot better. Student life is meant to be enjoyed and travel parts of the world that you would never have tasted otherwise. 

3. Don’t be afraid to socialize

The best thing about the people of New Zealand is that they are friendly and courteous, and most of them will be happy to interact with you. They will give you valuable information, and share experiences, and you will be part of other things that you wouldn’t get to know if you just stayed in your room. Go out meet new people and also enjoy the social life there.

4. Don’t forget to check for international student's scholarships

Yes, do not miss this great opportunity to gain any scholarship program for which you are qualified. The government and universities offer plenty of scholarships to attract international students to study there. Do take the benefit of it. This will help you to make your studies affordable in theNew Zealand. Check out the eligibility criteria and requirements of the scholarship and apply accordingly. You will find the list of scholarships here: Scholarships in New Zealand for international students

5. Don’t Expect the Same Comforts at Home

New Zealand has everything you could need to enjoy your time living there. However, things and experiences can be quite different from your home country. You may feel like you are missing some comforts you were experiencing in your home country. But don’t get scared, try to adjust yourself to this new atmosphere enthusiastically. Within a few months, you will feel comfortable.

We hope these dos and don'ts for international students in New Zealand will help you to make your study abroad journey easy.  If you are coming to study in New Zealand, you will have to leave your comfort zone and see what the country has to offer. Enjoy studying there and make memorable memories that will last a lifetime. 

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