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New Zealand is known for being a country of great opportunities and a place of excellent quality of life. It is also very well known as a place of study and research. The number of students from all over the world is growing, and New Zealand is becoming increasingly attractive for postgraduate studies. New Zealand is a country where life is easy. You can make friends easily and quickly, speak with people in English, the cost of living is low, the weather is beautiful, and the landscape is stunning! This guide will give you seven reasons to do postgraduate studies in New Zealand.


Reasons to do Postgraduate Studies in New Zealand


1. Top Ranked Universities in New Zealand

Several universities in New Zealand are in the top 100, most notably the University of Auckland. The others on the list include the University of Canterbury, the University of Waikato, etc. These have a significant impact when students decide which universities to choose from. Their education system is vast and varied, primarily from the public administered schools. Additionally, there are more than 20 universities of technology and polytechnic courses that the country boasts, which attract students from all over.

2. Courses and Course Structures

New Zealand follows the British research-based teaching system, which is similar to the Indian educational system, making it easier for Indians to adjust. Furthermore, as a result of the number of universities on the top 100 list, the number of students here has increased significantly. Some popular courses to study here include a degree in business administration, professional accounting, Engineering, etc.

3. Entry Requirements

Universities in New Zealand have a relatively more straightforward entry policy for taking students in. While scores in the United States and the United Kingdom may be exorbitant, New Zealand scores are relatively lower for admission. In addition, the visa requirements are slightly relaxed compared to other countries such as Australia, America, or England, which clamp down on international students entering their country to study.

4. Student Friendliness and Cost of Living

One thing people usually omit researching about until the very end is how student-friendly the city is. Studying in New Zealand comes at a friendly price. The cost of living there is also relatively moderate. Living expenses range around 90 NZ$ in some of the lesser cities and 150 NZ$ in some of the metros per week. A PG Course in any university in New Zealand costs about 10000 NZ$ to 30000 NZ$ annually, which is affordable considering some of its peer counterparts.

5. Live in a safe and peaceful environment

The Global Peace Index ranked New Zealand as the second most peaceful country in 2020. The country enjoys low crime and corruption rates, a politically stable environment, and a peaceful society where citizens can enjoy their day-to-day activities. It has a low crime rate. The country has a strong police force and security services. You can feel safe when you are walking on the streets, even at night. There are no areas in New Zealand that are unsafe for women or children to travel alone.

6. Country and People

Studying in New Zealand and life at any University in New Zealand, a specific exposure comes from friendly people and incredible landscapes and countryside. Citizens are welcoming to international students and are interested in learning about and respecting other cultures. Apart from this, New Zealand is also known for its remarkable landscapes and great views. Some of the greatest movies like Lord Of The Rings have been shot in scenic locations of New Zealand, which should be self-explanatory of the beauty of New Zealand.

7. You can work to support your studies.

As an international student in New Zealand, you can work up to 20 hours weekly during your semesters and full-time during breaks. You will be permitted to work full-time if you are pursuing a research masters or doctoral degree. Postgraduate study in New Zealand is growing in popularity year on year. The education system in New Zealand offers a range of opportunities that can help you gain skills and qualifications that you can apply to your career and will boost your confidence and employability.

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