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China is an attractive country for students coming from other countries due to its great culture and traditions. It is also one of the super fast-growing countries in terms of economy. China must be in your list of studying abroad countries. Here we present detailed information about studying in China for international students.

Reasons to study in china

China is the third-largest country in the world. It has been the fastest-growing country for the past 30 years. You will surely be benefited by studying in this super fast-growing country. The main benefits of studying in China are:

  • Higher educational degrees from academic institutions in china are recognized all over the world. This proves that the education offered at Chinese universities has top-class quality.
  • There is no single best study program in China. There are plenty of programs to choose from depending on your academic career. Courses are offered at each level of higher education, bachelors, masters and doctorate level.
  • Chinese universities are valued and respected all over the globe. There are 25 universities in China ranked as the best universities in the world. China is trying hard to build more world-class universities and investing heavily in the higher education sector.
  • You can also study in China in English. The academic institutions in china not only offer a study program in Chinese language but also English language for international students. 
  • Financial support is an essential factor while deciding to study abroad. You will be surprised to know that the Chinese government is offering a wide range of funding opportunities to attract more and more international students each year. There are around more than 40,000 scholarships offered.
  • Studying abroad in China is a great way to strengthen your resume content and improve your career options. From learning a new foreign language to dealing with the people of another culture, these skills can build your professional life to another life. This helps you land at the perfect dream job once you have graduated from the Chinese university.

Whether you choose an urban student life in Shanghai or Hong Kong, want to get close to history in Beijing, or prefer to check out a rural area, China has everything to offer an international student. The foreign student life in China is filled with opportunities.

Top universities in China

China has more than 2500 universities. Among these 25 universities are ranked as the best in the world by QS world university ranking 2021. To help you choose the best, here we have mentioned the top 10 universities in china:


Other universities in China for international students are:

  1. Sun Yat-sen University
  2. Beijing Normal University 
  3. Xi’an Jiaotong University 
  4. Southern University of Science and Technology 
  5. Nankai University 
  6. Shanghai University
  7. Tianjin University 
  8. Beijing Institute of Technology         
  9. Huazhong University of Science and Technology 
  10. Xiamen University 
  11. University of Science and Technology Beijing 
  12. Beihang University (former BUAA)        
  13. South China University of Technology        
  14. Shandong University 
  15. Jilin University 

China university admission requirements

To get admission in the Chinese university you would require to fill the application form of the particular university. You will also need to submit some of the important documents along with the application form. The document requirements vary with the institutional and course you choose. Some of the common document requirements are mentioned below:

  • Passport photo
  • Photocopy of a valid passport
  • Identification Document
  • Health certificate
  • Certification of no criminal record
  • Chinese or English language proficiency certificate
  • Minimum two letters of recommendation. 
  • A passing grade in the entrance examination of the Chinese institution.
  • Certificate/diploma from last graduated school
  • Academic transcript from last graduated school
  • Letter of guarantee. It should be written by the parent or legal guardian of the student confirming that he or she takes the responsibility for the student to abide by the rules and regulations of China and the university.
  • Proof of financial ability to support your studies in China.

Best Courses to study in China for international students

China has been offering a wide spectrum of courses for years. With the passing years, the country is trying to offer more and more courses in Chinese as well as the English language. Some of the popular courses to study in china for Indian students are:

  • Study International Relations in China
  • Study Business Administration/Management in China
  • Study MBBS in China
  • Study Petroleum Engineering in China
  • Study Computer Science in China
  • Study medicine in china
  • Study Chinese Language and Literature in China
  • Study Law in China
  • Study mechanical engineering in china
  • Study Architecture in China

Cost of studying in China

The cost of study abroad in China is not much more expensive than the USA, UK etc. In fact, public universities in China are more affordable than in Private universities. However, the tuition fee differs with the institution and course you choose to study. Here we have mentioned the average figures:

Tuition fees in public universities in China
The average tuition fees in public universities can be around 16215RMB (2,500$) to 64863RMB(10,000$) per academic year. 

Tuition fees in private universities in China
Generally, Private universities charge higher tuition. While most courses cost under 194589RMB (30,000$) per year, for some Management courses it can cost around 259452RMB (40,000$) per year.

Average living costs in Chinese cities:

  • Beijing is one of the most costly cities and you will need between 6486RMB(1,000$) and 7783RMB(1,200$) per month to cover your expenses.
  • Shenzhen and Shanghai are the second most costly cities, where you can expect to spend between 5513RMB( 850$) and 7783RMB(1,200$) per month.
  • In all the other Chinese cities, it can cost you around 3891RMB (600$) – 486RMB (1,000$) per month including accommodation.

Study in china scholarship

Studying abroad is more expensive than studying in our home country. So if you find difficulty in arranging the funds for studying in China, you can apply for scholarships. If you are able to gain fully-funded scholarships, you can make your way to study in china for free. The government and universities in china offer plenty of scholarships to international students. Here we have made a small list of scholarships you can take benefit of :

Chinese Government-funded scholarships

  • China Scholarship Council - CSC Scholarships 2021
  • Jiangsu Government Scholarship
  • Hubei Provincial Scholarships
  • Beijing Government Scholarship
  • Guanxi Government Scholarship for ASEAN Students

Non-government funded scholarships 

  • Confucius Institute Scholarship
  • British Council of China Scholarship

University scholarships in china 

  • Schwarzman Scholars Program
  • Biomedical Sciences Scholarships
  • Zhengzhou University President Scholarships

Student Visa for China 

To enter China, international students would require a Student visa. The Study Visa for china is of 2 types, X1 and X2. International Students who want to study at a Chinese university for: 

  • More than 6 months will need an X1 visa.
  • Less than 6 months will need an X2 visa.

You will need to apply for the study visa with some of the basic and important documents. These documents are collected for verification purposes. Based on your country of origin you will require different documents. Some of the common documents are:

  • A valid passport and a photocopy of the name page.
  • One Visa Application Form V.2013 per person
  • One recent passport-type photograph
  • JW201 or JW202 given by the State Education Ministry of China
  • Letter of admission from the receiving school
  • Visa Service Request Form
  • Payment for visa processing, service and shipping
  • Additional requirement based on jurisdiction
  • Additional requirement for Chinese descendants

It is recommended to apply for the visa around 1 month before your planned entry date in China. However, the visa processing time for China is fast, probably a week.

Residence permit in China

Student visas in China are valid only for 30 days, but you can stay in the country for the entire duration of your visa. However, Within the 30 days, you should apply for a residence permit. It is a replacement for your study visa. It should be applied at a local Public Security Bureau (PSB) Exit and Entry Administration office. The residence permit will be granted for the entire duration you were permitted with the visa.

Working on a Chinese student visa

Yes, international students can do part-time jobs with a student visa during their studies in China. They are also allowed to engage in paid internships on campus. The only condition to do the job is to obtain permission both from your host university and the Chinese immigration authorities. Follow the 2 steps as mentioned below:

  • You should get a consent letter from your university or hiring company (for internships)
  • Then you will need to go to the police station to mark your visa for ‘part-time work’.

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