1. Choose the right course and University:

The first step to any of the application process is to decide what one wants to study abroad. Be it a bachelor or a Masters in Italy, the first thing you should do is to look for the best suited UG or PG courses in Italy for international students on University websites. Do a thorough research before deciding to any course or any of the Universities in Italy. Here is the list of top Universities in Italy:

How to apply to Universities in Italy?

Best Universities in Italy

University world Ranking

Politecnico di Milano: University of Milan


University of Bologna


Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa


SantAnna School of Advanced Studies


Sapienza University of Rome



2. Look for Application Deadlines and University Criteria to Study in Italy:

Once you have shortlisted the course and University, you will need to check for the course-specific eligibility requirements and deadlines.

If you are confused about anything, or have a doubt, you can contact University’s international admission helpdesk, and they are usually prompt to reply. Once you are sure that you are eligible for the course and meet all the eligibility criteria, then only move ahead.

In the next step, you will have to submit a pre-application request to your nearest Italian consulate or Italian Embassy.

The Italian visa consulate will forward your application and the required documents to the institute you are applying to. The Italian embassy or consulate declares a list of students who are selected at the end of the August.

3. Language Proficiency:

Italian Universities offer the program in both Italian and English. However, most of the English language programs are Master’s level programs. There are some courses in Italian Universities that teach in Italian but the assignments and exams are taken in English. 

Obviously, there are two types of exams taken for both the languages. The Italian courses ask for the tests like:

  • CILS: Certification of Italian as Second Language

  • CELI: Certificate of Knowledge of Italian Language

For English Language requirements in Italian University, below tests are taken:

  • TOEFL: Test of English as Foreign Language

  • TOEIC: Test of English for International Communication

  • IELTS: International English Language Testing System

  • C1 Advanced: previously known as Cambridge English: Advanced

In some cases, students who prove that their Bachelor’s degree was taught in English (At least three years) do not have to take any English language test and they can study in Italy without IELTS / TOEFL.

4. Required Documents to apply for University in Italy:

Below is the list of documents you will be asked to submit. Keep in mind that these may change as per your courses and University.

  • Identity Proof

  • Passport size photograph

  • Transcripts (Mark sheets and Certificates)

  • Application Form

  • CV

  • Letter of Motivation

  • Letter of Recommendation

  • Italian or English Language Proficiency

  • Official SAT  or ACT scores

5. Get Italy Student Visa:

You are just one step away from your dream to study in Italy. However, the visa process takes time. Therefore, you should start the visa application process 3 months before the program begin. You might be asked to provide biometrics for the visa depending on the location. There will be a personal interview during the application process.

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