The moment people think of Italy, they think of the vast empire that is Rome, the Vatican apart from cities like Venice and Nice. However, Italy is not just any of this. Study in Italy involves a lot more than any of this. Therefore, here are some of the top reasons to study in Italy.


Universities in Italy are not only some of the best in Europe, but also some of the most affordable with tuition fees in the range of 2000 USD. Living costs are also pretty much along that lines only depending on which city you choose to stay in, whether it’s the more expensive ones such as Rome, Milan etc. or the less cheaper ones such as Turin, Pisa etc., making colleges in Italy some of the most sought after. Some of the famous universities in Italy include the University of Milan, University of Macerata, Sapienza University of Rome etc., all of which are noted for their Management as well as technical courses.

Culture and Sights:

Study in Italy affords the opportunity to enjoy the privileges of an international student while getting to know various aspects of Italian culture. If architecture is your thing, you need not go far because the Holy Roman Empire laid the foundation stones to so many brilliant of architecture that UNESCO has now recognised about 51 sites in Italy as World Heritage sites. Head to Rome for the wishing fountains, or Venice for the city that survives on boats. Head to the Vatican to see Christianity in its finest form with all of its resplendent architecture and paintings dedicated to early Christianity. If you’re lucky, you might see the Pope too. Head to the Coliseum to see the original stadium- one of the biggest locations in the Roman empire. You also have the chance to learn Italian and all their gestures that outside there would mean entirely different things. Therefore, when you’re there, pay caution to that

Food and Beverages:

The Italians are extremely passionate about their food and beverages. They have specific timings on when you can drink coffee, or when you can order eggs, or their tipping culture is vastly different. Get a chance to eat the authentic pizza. Don’t go about looking for the more hybrid thin crust or pizzas with a lot of toppings. Enjoy the native pizza and homemade pastas. Leave the beers to the truck drivers and construction workers. Order a bottle of wine. You can get a good bottle of wine for as low as 3 dollars.


One of the things that study in Italy will teach you is that life in Italy begins after 8. In fact, you can see several entertainment centres or bars spring to life after timings that other European countries would consider end of the day. So if you forgot to get your food, or just need to take a stroll at 9 in the night, rest assured, you’ll find good company and great food.


There are several universities in Italy that teach courses in English. So there is absolutely no dearth of studying in English. That being said, it is still better to learn Italian. People also come here for courses such as arts, Architecture, Fashion etc. because of the very history that Italy has. Even if you come here for some other courses, you will appreciate that side of the education, either by making friends, or just seeing the streets liven up.

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