In the last few years, Italy has become increasingly popular among international students who go to the country to take advantage of its high standard of education and multiple academic options that are available. No wonder, then, our own students also flock to the country every year in large numbers. Now, supposing that you, too, are planning to go to the beautiful European nation and take advantage of its rich and rewarding academic experience, there are a few things you must know, before taking off from the Indian soil. Thus, we are here to help you, like always! Read on, to know what you can expect when you study in Italy.

The warmth of the nation

First and foremost, expect a warm welcome. In the case of many countries, although governments invite international students to their lands, the people are unwelcoming, and at times quite hostile. You will be floored by the love and the warm welcome you will receive from the Italians, and this will go a long way in making your stay a happy and rewarding one. As you might already know, the country is very well known for its fashion and food. Italy can be quite an experience for the students coming to study in the country. Since there are a number of students coming to study in Italy, the cities are full of them, and the country does not seem strange to the students at all.

Universities in Italy

Italy will offer you as many as eighty-nine state-funded universities in Italy to choose from, and these will offer you the widest possible range of interdisciplinary courses. Besides these universities, you will find a large number of non-university institutions of higher education, and private universities. Thirty of the total universities in Italy feature in the top universities of the world, ranked by QS University Rankings. Italy is also home to the oldest university in Europe, University of Bologna, which was established back in 1088. The universities taught programs in English for international students, and the ratio of international students on the campuses make them true international universities.

Tuition fees

Let us now get to the most important part of this discussion- tuition fees. Whether we admit it or not, this aspect is right at the top of our minds when we even begin thinking of studying abroad. We are happy to inform you that education in Italy costs much lesser than in other parts of Europe and America. In addition, you will have access to some of the most encouraging scholarships to Study in italy and grants. For those of you who do not want grants, and want to earn and fund your own education, even that option is available. Italy will allow you to earn while you study.  Here are some of the cheapest universities in Italy for international students:

  1. University of Siena
  2. Free University of Bozen-Bolzano
  3. University of Torino
  4. University of Padova
  5. Ca'Foscari University of Venic

Study in Italy Visa Requirements

Getting a student visa to study abroad in Italy is not going to be difficult. All necessary assistance is provided by the consulate. Also, remember that you would need a residence permit to study in the country, and even this will be handled through the embassy, while processing your student visa in italy.

The language myth

We are sure that you bear in your minds the misconception that if you do not know Italian, you will not be able to make the most out of your academic experience in that country. Let us assure you that you will not face major problems for not knowing Italian, as most courses are conducted in English. However, we would advise you to learn Italian, to enjoy a fulfilling stay in the country, and to have access to all academic programmes, as some of them are conducted only in Italian. It surely helps if you know the language of the land in which you plan to live for a few years! To help you in this regard, there are institutions that offer language courses to improve the Italian of international students.

For the traveller in you

Finally, while in Italy, you can unleash the traveller in you, while pursuing your dream course! The country will never cease to awe you, such is its beauty. From The City of Water (Venice) to The Colosseum, from the Leaning Tower of Pisa to the breath-taking views of the Mediterranean, Italy will keep the traveller in you busy and thirsty for more, throughout your stay. And by any chance if you love pizza and pasta, you may find your culinary heaven in Italy!

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