Study in France has always been lucrative to international students for various reasons. Home to some of the oldest universities, France is well-known for its long tradition of excellence in the higher education system. Many international students travel to the country to pursue a Masters in France.

How to apply for MS in France

The chief draw for international students to pursue MS from Universities in France is the affordability which makes it a lot different from Pursuing MS in the USA or that in Europe. The successive governments giving utmost priority to the academic sector and investing a huge amount in it is what makes the French education system reasonable and attractive to the entire world. Besides, the research-oriented education procedures and the opportunity to learn the language are the focal points that draw international students here.

MS in France eligibility starts with the completion of bachelor’s degree. The students who have completed their Bachelor’s degrees are eligible to apply for an MS in French universities. To apply for MS in France for the upcoming session you need to follow some basic steps with an appropriate plan of action in accordance with the timeline that is discussed here as guidelines.

First steps – March till April

will make you face tough competition across the globe and thus you must not take any kind of risk and by March you shall shortlist some universities of your choice after getting all the details regarding their criteria, course details studying in France You need to start early as and fee structures. Prior to that, you must go through the list of universities in France for Masters. For authentic information, please visit the official websites and contact to the help desks of the admission committees of the same. Note down the deadlines also.

Start working on the admission forms and simultaneously try and search for possible accommodation options. In addition, count on your finance and the scholarships available. If you need a bank loan to fund your studies for MS, take necessary actions to do the needful.

Next steps – April to June

During this period, you need to register and prepare for the different standardized tests like GMAT, IELTS, or other language tests in case you select French as your primary language. It all depends on the university and the course chosen by you and the criteria set by them.

Register for the language tests at least a month ago and accordingly prepare for them.

Please start early if you think that you require to sit for a retest. In that case, you will have a buffer time.

Around June you are supposed to take the tests.

Application time- May to June

It’s high time that you begin shortlisting the universities and prepare for your application.

Start structuring your SOP. Since this is one of the most important factors for your entire admission procedure, please give it sufficient time. One month or so will be really helpful for drafting the essay because it takes a lot of time to think hard and put all your self-assessment in a comprehensive yet unique manner. Try and take suggestions from experts before drafting this essay.

Contact your professors for a letter of reference. Make sure that you at least have a month for this before the final deadline. Students from some of the Non-EU countries will have to go through Campus France  process. Check that out before applying: Campus France

Search and apply for the scholarships in France and finally apply for the desired course in your desired university well before the deadline.

Next steps- July to August

Regularly check the emails from the universities end as there will a handful of them.

Appear for the personal interview or video or telephonic interviews with an optimum amount of preparation.

If you get more than one calls, please take a quick and wise decision to finally decide the program and the university.

Well before the deadline, make them aware of your decision and make the payment to confirm your admission.

Arranging Visa and Study in France Costs- August till September

Apply for a student loan and scholarship, if required, once you receive the acceptance letter.

well before applying for the student visa Go through the criteria for visa application and apply for it. Contact the regional consulates or embassy. Please do note that it might take a longer time than you think it will. So it will be wiser if you keep some buffer time in hand and advance.

Make the documentation for visa very carefully so that you don’t have to pay for your mistake later on. For international students from some of the non-EU countries, Campus France is the way to approach the application, visa and scholarships. You can read more on Campus France here: Campus France: What it is and What it does

Get, set and fly to pursue MS- September

Book flight tickets.

Check and recheck all the documents you are taking along before leaving the country.

Arrange for international debit and/or credit cards

Go through the checklist prior to your departure to confirm that all is set to go to your destination for the next two years for pursuing MS.

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