Nov 28, 2018

Benefits of Studying Fashion Degree in Paris 2019

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If you are a fashion student, it does not get better than Study in France. The fashion capital of the world is home to some the top fashion Universities in Paris, the capital city of the country. Here is a handy guide if you are an international student looking to study fashion in Paris. The fashion Universities in Paris are top ranked in the world, and fashion courses in Paris, as you already know, are one of the best.

Studying Fashion degree in Paris 2019

Why Study in Paris?

There are 35 Universities in France that feature in Top Ranked Universities in the world. Out of those 35, 17 of them are in Paris. Paris, along with Milan (Italy) are considered the fashion capitals of the world. As said before, if you are a fashion student, fashion Universities in Paris are the best place to be. Why? Here are the reasons.

  1. Language: Contrary to popular belief, fashion courses in Paris are not only taught in French, but also in English. To study fashion in Paris, you do not need to have the French Proficiency. However, it is always advisable to have a basic French knowledge. In some cases, you are not required to take English tests too. Find out more: Study in France without IELTS.

  2. Courses: Fashion courses on offer at Universities in Paris are numerous. Fashion Universities in Paris offer the courses like MBA in Luxury Brand Management (at IFA Paris), MBA in Fashion Industries (at ModArt), marketing, retailing and of course, Fashion Designing.

  3. Culture and Events: The most significant reason to study fashion in Paris, is the culture of the place and events happening around the city. There is a reason why it is called the fashion capital of the world. The streets are filled with shops from the top brands, and there is always an event around the corner, for fashion and the art around.

Where to Study in Paris? Top Fashion Universities in Paris:

Now that we have established that to Study fashion in Paris is the best thing to do, let us look for the “where”. Universities in France are known for their modern approach in teaching methods. If you want to study fashion in Paris, these are top fashion Universities in Paris.

Here is the List of Universities in Paris to study fashion courses:

Courses and Fashion Studies in Paris:

  1. Fashion Courses in Paris: A variety of courses in Paris awaits you if fashion is your field. As mentioned before, there are number of fields to study fashion, and some of them are Fashion Design, Fashion Illustration, Fashion Promotion, Fashion Management, and MBA in Fashion Technology. These are just some of them, there is practically no limit to your horizons when you study fashion in Paris.

  2. Benefits of Studying Fashion in Paris: Coming to the courses and studies, the focus is on overall understanding and knowledge of the fashion. Fashion Courses in Paris comprise of understanding in fabrics, materials, textures, styles and techniques, and the ways to express oneself through the means of fashion. It is a very comprehensive teaching method for the students who are willing to study fashion in Paris.

​The teaching fraternity is also as diverse as the city itself. The professors come from around the world, and the different perspectives do wonders to your courses in Paris. Additionally, there are study exchange programs, too. There is an excellent opportunity of networking for the future when you are in the centre of the action.

Career Opportunities:

What to do after your program at fashion universities in Paris ends? That is when networking comes in. We do not need to remind you anymore, that you are sitting in the fashion capital of the world, where the streets are full of designing studios, fashion businesses are thriving and people are all about the fashion.

The Fashion Universities in Paris have excellent career services for the placements. Moreover, there are number of internship opportunities. The internships are part of your studies, so when you are there, make good impressions. When it will come to job hunting, the impressions will play a large part.

You can work as a designer, manager, editor at one of the fashion companies, or you can be a freelancer or entrepreneur after your studies at fashion universities in Paris end.

Study Fashion in Paris: Living Expenses, Scholarships and Student Visa

Now, Paris is not known for its affordability, but it makes up for it with the low tuition costs. The Average tuition fees at fashion Universities in Paris are from 5000-7000 euros to 8000-15000 euros a year. Depending on the course levels and the Universities in Paris (Public or Private).

Study Abroad Scholarships are excellent way to fund your study abroad expenses. There are many private, state funded and University based scholarships available to study in Paris and France. You can check out Scholarships to Study in France.

Student visa in France is a straightforward process. It is not complicated at all, and a transparent process. For Non-EU students, if you are going to stay in France for more than six months to study fashion in Paris, you are required to apply for a long-stay visa.

To know more on that, click: Study Visa For France

Hope we have convinced you why it would be a good idea to study fashion in Paris. If you are still confused about something, or have any questions for us, feel free to write it down in the box below. The best of us will be happy to guide you further.

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