Education in Europe reflects the continent’s significance over the years. Universities and colleges in Europe have been an attraction for many students willing to study abroad. Here we are listing the best countries to Study in Europe, and the good news is that they do not require any IELTS or TOEFL scores. You can even pursue masters in Europe without IELTS. Here is the list of countries and their universities without IELTS study in Europe.

Study in Europe without IELTS

How to Study in Europe without IELTS?

Before knowing which countries in Europe allow you to take admission without IELTS let us check the procedure of it:

  1. Research and shortlist the courses and Universities in Europe you want to apply. 
  2. Go through all the Universities in your list and choose what is best for you career-wise.
  3. Once your profile is shortlisted, you may have to give a personal interview.
  4. If you clear your video Interview, you will get a letter of acceptance from the university you have applied to.
  5. The next step is to pay for your tuition fees for the first year of your program
  6. Apply for a Student Visa and fly to your destination.

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Which countries in Europe allow students to study without  IELTS?

Here we have mentioned Europe countries without IELTS where you get admission easily.

1. Study in France without IELTS:

Universities in France have no specific requirements of English language proficiency tests like IELTS and TOEFL if you have completed your previous but latest education in English. Instead, your language assessment can be done by a person or video/skype interview.

For example, if you have studied your bachelor’s degree in your home country where the medium of teaching and assessment was English, you can apply for a Master’s Program in below listed Top Universities in France.

  1. American Business School, Paris
  2. EBS Paris
  3. EPITA Graduate School of Computer Science
  4. ESAIP School of Engineers
  5. ESC Rennes School of Business, France
  6. ESGCI, Paris
  7. ESLSCA Business School
  8. IESA International
  9. INSEEC Business School
  10. ISC Paris
  11. NEOMA Business School
  12. Paris School of Business
  13. SKEMA Business School
  14. Toulouse Business School

For complete information you can check this out: Study in France without IELTS

2. Study in Germany without IELTS:

Not only the most affordable Universities in Europe, but Germany is also known for its world renowned technical education and manufacturing industries. German Universities have language pathway programs through which student can get admission in German Universities, without any language proficiency test.

For English speaking courses in German Universities, the requirement to prove your proficiency is a Medium of Instruction letter. The letter is a proof issued by your previous institute of study, saying that the latest education you had was taught in English language and the medium of Instruction was English throughout.

List of universities in Germany without IELTS

  1. University of Koblenz and Landau
  2. Esslingen University of Applied Sciences (Hochschule Esslingen)
  3. Braunschweig University of Technology (TU Braunschweig)
  4. HCI Siegen
  5. Ruhr University Bochum
  6. Freiburg University
  7. University of Bayreuth
  8. University of Bonn
  9. Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences
  10. University of Kassel

You will get complete details of it here: Study in Germany without IELTS

3. Study in Italy without IELTS:

Home to the world’s oldest University, Universities in Bologna, Italy’s best student city, Milan is one of the best places for students to study abroad. The Polytechnic University of Milan is officially 1st ranked University of Italy. Adding to that, it has courses that are taught in English.

If you can prove that the medium of English of your bachelor’s degree was English, you will be exempted from taking IELTS and TOEFL, however, the bachelor’s program you did, must be of 3 years or longer.

Italy universities list without IELTS

  1. Polytechnic University of Milan
  2. University of Pisa
  3. University of Roma
  4. John Cabot University
  5. Sapienza University of Rome
  6. University of Padua
  7. University of Turin
  8. University of Genoa
  9. University of Trento
  10. University of Naples Federico II

4. Study in Belgium without IELTS

Belgium is an underrated Study Abroad destination. Brussels is the centre of international networking. The university we are talking about, the Ghent University, was established back in 1817, and is currently 125th ranked University in the world.

To Study in Belgium without IELTS is possible at Ghent University. The University is known for its life science and veterinary science courses. To prove your English Language Proficiency, the only proof required is that you must have completed a year of education where the medium of Instruction was English.

University in Belgium without IELTS:

  1. Ghent University

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5. Study in Poland without IELTS:

Just like Belgium, Poland is another less explored Study Abroad destination. It offers not only excellent education and research, but you can also stay back and work after study in Poland. Jagiellonian University is one of the oldest universities in the world, established in 1364.

If you are a graduate student who has done his latest studies in the English language, where the medium of Instruction was English, you are eligible to apply for the University.

Poland university list without IELTS:

  1. Jagiellonian University
  2. Adam Mickiewicz University    
  3. Warsaw University of Technology

You will get complete information here: Study in Poland without IELTS

6. Study in Sweden without IELTS:

Sweden is another destination to pursue your dreams of European studies. Country’s top ranked University, Lund University is ranked at 92nd when it comes to world rankings.

The IELTS exemption rules in Sweden depend on the home countries. Most of the time, when your previous degree of education (at least more than a year) is done in English, you are eligible to apply.

For Indian Students, it is possible to apply for a master’s program if they have done bachelors in English for courses like Engineering, Computer Science, Computer Applications, Medicine, Pharmacy, Natural Sciences. Information Technology is the exception there. You will be asked to submit Diplomas and all the mark sheets suggesting the medium of Instruction as English.

Top Universities in Sweden without IELTS:

  1. Lund University
  2. Uppsala University

Excited to know more about it? Here it is: Study in Sweden Without IELTS

7. Study in Spain without IELTS

Spain is one of the most popular countries in Europe which offers international students a wide variety of academic and national environments. You can take the opportunity of studying in this beautiful country without Taking IELTS exam. 

To study in Universities of Spain without IELTS you have to fulfil any of the following requirements

  • You  should be a native speaker
  • You should show proof of proficiency in Spanish
  • You should take a preparatory course in Spanish
  • You must obtain a diploma from a Spanish Language School
  • You should produce some other internationally-recognized certificate of proficiency in English

Universities list in Spain Without IELTS

  1. Universidad Antonio de Nebrija
  2. Pablo de Olavide University
  3. University of Valencia
  4. The University of Salamanca.

To know more about it, you can check this out: Study in Spain without IELTS

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8. Study in Norway Without IELTS

Options to study in universities in Europe without IELTS are no less, continuing the list, Norway is also included. Higher education in Norway is known for its remarkable academics, proper learning, and teaching methods. 

You can meet the English language requirement even without IELTS if you have. 

  • Completed 1 year at any of the universities in an English-speaking nation such as the USA, Ireland, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK etc.
  • Completed the previous education at the university where English was the main component of the course of study.

Norway universities without IELTS

  1. University of Oslo
  2. University of Bergen
  3. Norwegian University of Science And Technology 

You will get complete information here: Study in Norway Without IELTS

9. Study in Latvia without IELTS

Latvia is one of the excellent countries to provide world-class education in Europe. With its safe and welcoming cities, it is one of the best destinations for foreign students. Here are the options of  studying in universities in Latvia without taking IELTS:

  • Students who are native speakers of English, they are eligible to study without English proficiency test scores.
  • Students who have completed basic/secondary/vocational/higher education in English or have studied in English as full-me students at least one year in the countries with English as one of the official languages are able to certify English language proficiency.
  • Students who do not have an English test score will be required to take for English courses in the Latvia university itself.

Latvia university list without IELTS:

  1. Riga Technical University
  2. Riga Stradins University
  3. University of Liepaja
  4. Ventspils University College
  5. Daugavpils University
  6. University of Latvia

You will get full information here: Study in Latvia without IELTS

10. Study in Denmark without IELTS

Denmark has some of the top class universities for international students to study in the country without providing an IELTS score. But it is possible only on the condition that they should provide proof of their English proficiency of at least an intermediate level in the English language. 

Many Denmark universities also accept students coming from English speaking nations or have completed their a Bachelor's degree in one of the following English-speaking countries:

  • USA
  • New Zealand
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • UK
  • Ireland

However, the student who can provide proof of English proficiency at an equivalent level may contact the International Admission Office of the institution to check if their English level is acceptable or not. You should check this: Study in Denmark without IELTS

11. Study in Finland without IELTS

You can also consider Finland in your study abroad list having no IELTS. Students must present some proof that they can speak in English well. Here are few options other than IELTS from which students can secure their seat in the Finnish universities:

  • The student’s native language is English
  • The previous educational degree of the student must be taught in English at any of the universities in the EU/EEA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, or America.

Here is the full procedure: Study in Finland without IELTS

You can also take benefit of many scholarships in Europe without IELTS and pursue your studies there. It is possible to get without IELTS study visa in Europe.

Keep in mind that these are the best European Study destinations with only top Universities mentioned here. There are many Universities across the 50 countries to study abroad in Europe where you can study abroad without IELTS.

On the other hand, the eligibility criteria and English language requirements change by Universities and courses they offer. Before applying, you must go through the course requirements thoroughly.

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