Corporate Law Universities in France

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Law Universities in France

France mainly practices civil law, like much of Europe, and its law courses are quite popular amongst international students. Criminal law is also a part of the French judicial system. Constitutional law and administrative law fall in the domain of public law. Overall, law in France is modelled after the civil law system. The French law schools are not independent institutions. They function under different universities. A person with a Bachelor in Law, followed by a postgraduate degree becomes eligible to practise law in France. Doctoral degree programmes are also offered by the universities. Since the law colleges are under universities, the admission procedure is not as selective as it is for private schools. However, France offers some very standard courses in civil law, and has some of the best law colleges in Europe. It is this high standard of academics that attracts international students towards France. Studying law in France for international students is a profitable academic endeavour because the courses are well-respected worldwide, and the cost of studying the discipline is quite reasonable. Moreover, the courses are conducted in English, in many standard law colleges in France. Those who successfully pass out of the French law courses are able to practise law through Europe, because they gain a very strong foundation of civil law training. Also, French law courses include studying common law, and this means that the students, especially those from other countries, become well-equipped to apply to the bar or professionally enter those countries where system of law practised is not mainly civil law. Hence, for an international student, studying law in France is a very good academic choice that can lead to an extremely rewarding international career.

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