TOEFL Exam Dates

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TOEFL Exam Dates

TOEFL is one of the most taken English language tests in the world. TOEFL stands for Test of English as Foreign Language. As the name suggests, it is an assessment of a candidate’s ability and proficiency in the English Language in modules like reading, listening, writing, and speaking. Before we talk about the TOEFL Exam Dates, here are some useful links to know more about TOEFL Exam:


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How to find a TOEFL Exam Date?

One can look for available TOEFL Test centres and test dates before the registration of the exam. Or, one can check the available dates and centres once they log in to their ETS account. There are fixed exam dates available for different regions and countries, however, the best way is to register first, and find the latest test dates at your nearest test centers.

There is no requirement for an ETS account if you just check the Exam dates available. However, if you want to book for IELTS, you will require an ETS account, and then go through the process of Registration. Here, you will find all you need to know about that process: TOEFL Registration

This is how a TOEFL Exam Date lookup can be seen on your display. First, you need to select the locality you want to take the test in. One can easily type two or three letters of their locality, city, or state to find the nearest location that will be seen on the dropdown,

Next, you have a two-month window that you can select. For example, the image shows the window of December 2019 & January 2020. If those are not convenient to you, you can slide through the next window.

You should take note of these things  if you want to score well Do’s and don’ts before and on the TOEFL test day

TOEFL provides around 50 Exam Dates in a year.

Once you have selected that window, you will get the available dates and nearby test centres to choose from. You can also filter the Test centers by the Distance. The slots available on the TOEFL Exam Dates are Morning, Noon, and Evening.

Follow these tips to score well in the examTOEFL Exam Day Tips

TOEFL Exam Dates Rescheduling:

One can reschedule the TOEFL Exam Dates up to 7 days before the booked test dates. However, it should be done at least four days prior to the Exam Date. The Fees for the rescheduling should be paid before the next booking. The Rescheduling fee for the TOEFL is $60.

TOEFL Retake and Number of Attempts:

At once, if you do not get the desired scores, you might need to apply for the Exam again. However, one cannot appear for TOEFL again within 3 days of the test. The good news is, there are no limits on the number of attempts. One can appear for TOEFL Exam as many times as they want.

In Fact, with new MyBest Scores, one can represent their best scores in Each TOEFL module that is Writing, Listening, Speaking, and Reading. The candidate can choose this option and the best scores from each module in the last two years.

If you have any confusion about any of the TOEFL sections, get information here:

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