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For the students willing to study abroad, the TOEFL exam is one of the most important entrance exams to prove their English language proficiency. However, there are a number of situations one can require TOEFL scores and not just for studying abroad. Here, we are talking about TOEFL Exam Fees and other costs related to the exam. If you are looking forward to more details on TOEFL, here are some useful links: 




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The exam fees for TOEFL vary from place to place. The range of the fees is $160 to $260. There are some additional charges for the reinstatement and reviewing process. The TOEFL test fee structure is as given below:

TOEFL Exam Fees:

As we have mentioned, the exam fees, or the registration fees for the TOEFL, without any material added can be anywhere between $160 to $260. The fees vary depending on the location one chooses as the test centers. 

TOEFL Exam Fees for other facilities:

Score Reviews:

If you are not happy with the scores you have received, there are facilities to review the scores for all the modules. However, there are some fees one needs to pay for the score reviewing for TOEFL. Remember that reviewing the scores will not mean that they will go higher. It may remain the same or go lower, too. Only if you think you have been evaluated too harshly, then opt for it. Coming to the TOEFL Exam fees for score reviewing, the Speaking or Writing section will cost US $80. If you want to review the scoring for both, the fees are US $160

TOEFL Rescheduling Fees

There is an option to reschedule the test if for any reason one wants to. However, the rescheduling has to be done at least four days before the scheduled date booked by you. The fees for the rescheduling need to be paid before the new booking. The fee for TOEFL rescheduling is US $60.

Reinstatement of TOEFL Scores:

If a test taker has canceled his or her scores, it can be reinstated in a span of 60 days of the test date. The fee for TOEFL score Reinstatement is US $20.

TOEFL Late Registration Fees:

One can register themselves before 7 days of the test date. The registration, however, closes before the 4 days of the test date. For TOEFL Late Registration, the fees are US $40.

Additional Reports Per Institute:

When registering for TOEFL, a user can opt for up to 4 institutions where he or she wants to send the results t for evaluation. If you want to add more institutions to that list, you can do that within 6 days of the test date. For every institute, the agency you add, you will have to pay a fee of 20$.

TOEFL Exam Fees Summary:

Facility provided


Speaking or Writing Section score review


Speaking and Writing Section score review




Reinstatement of canceled scores


Late registration


Additional score reports (per institution or agency)

US$20 per report

How to Pay the TOEFL Exam Fees?

  • The Exam fees for the TOEFL can be paid via Credit or Debit Card. For some countries, Master Card is not accepted for some countries, however, one can pay with Visa cards in those countries.
  • For US Candidates, one can also pay the fees via Electronic cheques that are from American Banks, and in US dollars.
  • Candidates can also pay the fees with their PayPal account. 
  • Candidates can pay paper cheques or money orders that are in US dollars to ETS-TOEFL.
  • There is also a facility to pay via Western Union® QuickPay® for the candidates.

One cannot pay the TOEFL Exam Fees via Cash, Demand Drafts, currency other than USD, UNESCO coupons.

TOEFL Exam Fees Refunds:

As we have mentioned before, one must cancel their Exam at least 4 days before the exam. The refunds will never be in the form of cash. Refunds will not be processed if the candidate has failed to follow the procedure. For the additional services mentioned above, refunds are not available.

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