One of the most overlooked study abroad destination of Europe, Study in Sweden proves to be an unmissable choice for many reasons. The Universities in Sweden are on a par with the best in the world, there are excellent research facilities. There is a large population of English speakers in the country and a large number of English taught courses. If you are interested in studying at Swedish Universities, you might already know that the application is done through the online portal “University Admission Sweden”, and here is all you need to follow for successful admission.

How to Apply & Get Admission at Universities in Sweden 2020

Universities in Sweden

Let us first go through universities. There are two institute types for higher education in Sweden. The Universities and University Colleges. The Universities have a more traditional, research-based approach to the education and award Bachelor's, Master’s and PhDs to the students. The University colleges are more skill-oriented, institutes of applied sciences. International students are advised to opt for the universities, as they provide more recognized degrees.

Universities in Sweden for International Students

Universities in Sweden offer a large number of English Taught courses for international students, and there are multidisciplinary universities in Sweden offering a plethora of courses to choose from. Eight of the universities in Sweden are ranked among the best universities in the world by QS University Rankings. All eight of them are in the top 350, which is a great feat considering the competition Sweden faces. Here are the top universities in Finland for International Students:

Sweden University Rankings

The first and highest ranked university would be Lund University, ranking at 92nd in the list. Not too far behind is KTH Royal Institute of Technology. Here are the top 5 universities of Sweden and their world ranking:

QS World


THE University


Universities in Sweden



Lund Universities



KTH Royal Institute of Technology



Uppsala University



Chalmers University of Technology



Stockholm University


Study in Sweden Requirements

There are some basic requirements one needs to fulfil to get admission into the universities of Sweden. The international students are most likely to take English programs in Swedish universities, and they are required to prove some level of English Language proficiency. A certificate of the IELTS or TOEFL scores is generally accepted by the universities. Apart from the English language tests, the other entrance exams are GMAT, GRE, LSAT, etc.

The general requirement for the documents are:

  • A Valid Passport
  • Photographs
  • Birth Certificate
  • Letters of Recommendation OR reference letters
  • Academic transcripts of previous education
  • Application Essays or Statement of Purpose
  • Resume / CV
  • Proof of Monetary Funds

These are some of the general requirements, and the requirements to Universities’ Admission in Sweden will change depending on the courses and the university. Once you have done your research, and ready with all the required documents, here is how to apply:

How to Apply on “University Admissions Sweden”

University Admissions is Sweden’s centralized application portal for application for international students. International students willing to apply at a University in Sweden needs to apply through to begin the Application process.

  1. Apply online by creating an account on
  2. Choose the Courses and Universities you want to apply. Duly fill all the details required for the Application.
  3. Prepare and submit Documents required for the application as listed above.
  4. Prepare and Submit Proof of English Language Proficiency
  5. Pay the Application fees to Study in Sweden, which is 900 SEK, or 95 USD.
  6. Students can follow their application status with their account on University Admissions Sweden.

One can find all the instructions and requirements on the website and go through the process step by step. The applications will be evaluated once the deadlines have passed, and every university will have its own selection process. Students can see the results under ‘Notification of Selection Results’ once the process of selection is over for the specific universities.

Keep in mind that there are two rounds of application for the universities in Sweden, and one can apply for round 2. It is important to keep deadlines in mind as if you miss the deadlines for round 2, you will lose your place in the university you have been selected. Normally, students are advised not to opt for round two, as non-EU students will not have enough time to apply for the Resident Permit in Sweden before the semester starts.

University Application Deadlines in Sweden

The upcoming university deadlines in Sweden will be for January 2020, spring semester, and these are the deadlines for that:

For Spring Semester (Starts in January) in Sweden, the applications for 2020 opens on 3rd June and ends on 15th August. The 2nd round will begin on the 16th of September. 2nd September is the last date for submitting Docum=ents and Application Fees for the First round.

The Autumn Semester (Starts in August) will have tentative deadlines would likely be: 15 January for the first round and 15 April for the second round. The deadline for submitting the documents will be 1 February (for 1st round) and 20 June (for the second round).

Study in Sweden cost for International Students:

Once you apply for the student/residence permit in Sweden, you are required to prove that you are financially content to sustain yourself in Sweden during the course of your study. Here is the cost of studying in Sweden for international students: The tuition fees for international students (Non-EU students) on average are 9700 to 15000 euros a year. The Average living costs in Sweden vary on the place you choose to live in, with an average cost of living in Sweden being 700 to 1100 euros a month. You can read a detailed break-up of cost here: Cost of Living and Studying in Sweden for International Students

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