May 17, 2019

Study in Sweden for Indian Students

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Every year, the number of Indian students opting for Sweden as their study abroad destination is increasing. There are number of reasons for that. Sweden has been the topping the lists of innovation and research for the years, and the flexibility for the residence permit and the low costs of living also help Indian students choosing Sweden to study abroad. Here is all you need to know about Study in Sweden for Indian Students:

Higher Education in Sweden:

Sweden has fewer universities as it has fewer population, and still there are eight universities in Sweden that appear in the top universities in the world. To attract more and more international students, the universities offer courses in English, and that is one of the most prominent reasons for Indian students to study in Sweden.

According to Josa Kärre, the head of Section of Trade, Economics and Cultural Affairs, "Sweden's Education encourages students to think independently, creatively and critically." Talking about Indian Students in particularly, she added, “Indians have strong technical and analytical skills, and they are quick to adjust with the change of the culture, which makes them a perfect fit to Study in Sweden.

Thus, we can safely say that Sweden, and Indian students, both are a perfect fit to each other when it comes to higher education. However, to study in Sweden for Indian students, there are some requirements to fulfil.

Study in Sweden Requirements

To apply at the Universities in Sweden, Indian students can apply through the website of Swedish University Application website, and the other requirements will change with the courses and universities. Here are the general requirements to study in Sweden for Indian students:

Online application form, from the official website to Apply at the universities in Sweden.

Previous Degrees and Transcripts

Proof of Language Proficiency

All the documents required specifically for the course you are applying to.

Cheap Universities in Sweden for International Students

Studying in Sweden is free for the EU/EEA students only, and the Indian students need to pay the tuition fees to study in Sweden. There are other ways, such as scholarships to fund your studies abroad. We will talk about those in a moment. Right now, these are the top universities in Sweden for Indian Students:

  1. Karolinska Institutet
  2. Lund University
  3. Stockholm University
  4. Uppsala University
  5. KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Here, you can find the full list of universities: Universities in Sweden for International Students

Study in Sweden Cost

As we mentioned, Indian students need to pay the tuition fees at the universities in Sweden. The cost of study would be based on the course and university one chooses to attend. The cost of studying in Sweden, as per Josa Kärre, is around 50000 to 120000 SEK, which would convert to 4624 -11100 euros or 5194 -12466 USD a year. Adding to that, international students have no restrictions on the part time work, and wages, as long as they complete the course and credits on time.  

Study in Sweden for Free

Unfortunately, the tuition free option is only for the EU/EEA students. Indian students will have to pay the tuition fees. However, the tuition fees can be avoided with the Swedish Scholarships for International Student, which are the fully paid study abroad scholarships to study in Sweden, and students from India can benefit from them. When we say it is a fully paid scholarship, it covers the tuition fees, travelling costs, living expenses, etc. There are other scholarships to look forward to, too.

Study in Sweden Scholarships

Apart from the SSIS scholarships mentioned above, there are number of financial aides, student Grants and study abroad scholarships to study in Sweden for the Indian students. As we said, there are many scholarships to look forward to, we are just listing five of them. Here are scholarships to study in Sweden for Indian Students:

  • Karolinska Institutet Global Master’s Scholarship
  • Lund University Global Scholarship Programme
  • Swedish Institute Scholarships for Global Professionals
  • University of Gothenburg Study Scholarship
  • Halmstad University Scholarships

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