Pursuing education from one of the top-class universities in the world is the dream of every student. While talking about top-class education, Spain is the top destination for international students who want to study in Europe. If you are among them who are planning to study in Spain, then obtaining a Student Visa is important.

Obtaining a student visa for Spain requires proper documentation and required interview skills as many reasons can cause its rejection. The Spain student visa rejection rate is not that high, but still, you need to be very sensitive with your application and interview. For those who want to pursue their higher education in the USA, we have listed some of the reasons for Visa rejection, so that you can avoid doing so.

Spain Student Visa Rejection

Spain student visa rejection reasons

Applying for a Spain student Visa can be a long process. However, there is no guarantee of the acceptance of a visa application. Hence, it is good to be aware of the reasons for rejections and try avoiding them. Spain student visa success rate for Indian students is good yet there are various reasons why a Spain student Visa could be rejected. Here are the most common reasons that could lead to the refusal of your student visa.

Inadequate Documents

Numerous documents need to be submitted in addition to the visa application form. Each document has its own importance. If you miss out on submitting any one of the documents, you may have to face rejection on your visa application. These documents will prove your financial, academic, and language capabilities. You will also show proof of your health insurance and accommodation.  

Lack or incomplete accommodation

One of the main requirements is presenting proof that you will have a place to stay in Spain during your total period of study.  This means that every single day in the country must be properly justified with accommodation. From the day you arrive in Spain to the day you have your flight back, you must have a place to live in Spain. And no matter if you are staying at a hotel, apartment, or friend’s or relative’s house, you must demonstrate proof of your place of stay in Spain.

No sufficient Financial means

The main reason that can get your entry rejected is not possessing sufficient economic means to sustain yourself in the country for the amount of time you have planned to spend.
As per the Ministry of Interior, the required amount is 90 EUR per day per person. You must show the amount accordingly calculated based on your total period of stay.

Health insurance contract

Another nearly must-have would be to have health insurance that covers you during your short-term stay in Spain. Your insurance policy must cover your expenses in case of an accident or emergency. In short, this insurance must cover your expenditure of hospitalization, medical treatments, and body repatriation. This can be summed around a minimum of 30, 000€ coverage minimum. Many Spanish visa officers are strict on the insurance contracts they will allow as part of your visa application.

Passport Invalidity

If you present a passport that is not acceptable for the visa Consulate can lead to the rejection of your visa application. Such cases may be as the following:

  • Presenting an invalid passport. Your passport must be valid for at least 3 more months beyond your planned date of exit from Schengen.
  • Presenting a passport that does not have 2 different blank visa pages
  • Presenting a valid passport that is issued before ten (10) years

Interview Problems

The student visa interviews usually last for a few minutes, so you only get one chance to make your first impression look fantastic. And it is that first impression that counts. The student’s behavior and appearance at the interview are vital: inertness or passivity or a failure to show ambition can increase the chances of rejection. Your body language, confidence, appearance, etc are important factors in the visa interview. Be prepared and look confident. 

Appeal Letter for Spain student Visa Refusal

Your visa application for Spain is rejected if:

  1. You have received a visa rejection letter from the consular service. This is an express refusal;
  2. You have not received any response within 60 days after your visa application was filed. This is an implicit refusal.

It is often worth appealing the Student Visa for Spain decision as the reason for the rejection could be a mistake that can be corrected. You may only require some additional documentation that could convert the negative response to positive on your visa application.

When to appeal:

The student has the right to oppose this decision within two months. They can appeal to the respective authority that refused the application. 

Where to appeal:

If the student intends to oppose the ruling before the administrative court, he or she must also file an administrative appeal to the Spanish Embassy. This prior option must be justified, written in Spanish, and signed. It is compulsory before any appeal is made to the administrative court.

What information should be mentioned in an appeal letter?

The Spain Visa appeal letter must contain the following information 

  • Personal details: Your name, surname, date of birth, passport number, and current address, phone number, and email address.
  • Rejection date: Include when you received the rejection letter and when it was dated.
  • Reason for rejection: Clearly mention the reason which is mentioned in the rejection letter.
  • Appeal reason: Why do you believe the decision of rejection of your application was inappropriate? List reasons and provide convincing arguments.
  • Your signature: Sign the letter and print your name.
  • Address: The address you need to write to will be on your letter of rejection.


We hope you are now aware of where things can go wrong with your visa application.  Avoid committing any of the mistakes. Applying for a Spain visa can be a simple process if you follow the rules and be prepared for the interview. You have to just submit all the documents properly and successfully clear the interview.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is Spain accepting student visas?

Yes, Spain is accepting student visas. But to get the visa you should be enrolled in one of the universities in Spain. You would also require to submit a few supporting documents along with your visa application to successfully obtain the visa. They might also ask you to appear for the interview. You have to be presentable and look confident in the interview.

What happens if you get refused residency in Spain?

If your residency application has been refused, the appeal is your last option. If it also gets rejected, you will need to leave Spain and lose the possibility of residing in the country. So making sure the appeal is favorable and that it succeeds is essential.

How do I appeal a Spanish refusal visa?

You can appeal against Spanish visa refusal. Fill the application form at the agency or at the Embassy and state your passport number, name, and email address. Explain the reasons why you think the visa should have been granted. Once the Embassy examines the appeal, the visa application will be granted or rejected again.

Is it easy to get Spain student visa?

Yes, it is easy to obtain a student visa for Spain. Student visas in Spain are usually easy to obtain after you get accepted into a Spanish university. Foreign (non-EU) students generally need a long-term visa to enter Spain which can be requested from a Spanish consulate or embassy in your country of permanent residence. Read more: Student visa for Spain

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