Spanish Universities are some of the most advanced and prestigious study abroad institutions for international student. If you are looking forward attend a course at one of these Spanish Universities and do not know how to study in Spain, we have you covered. Here are the steps you should follow to Apply at Universities in Spain for higher education.

How to apply to University in Spain?

Choose the Right subject to Study in Spain

Universities in Spain have variety of courses to offer. From Business and Management in Spain to Engineering, there is a lot to explore at Universities in Spain. Here are the top courses to study in Spain:

Best Universities in Spain:

There are 78 Universities in Spain, 51 of them are public. 27 Spanish Universities are either private or run by church. Out of those 78, 23 Spanish Universities are featured in Top Universities in the world.

Here is the list of best Universities in Spain:

Applying at Universities in Spain:

The application method for different Spanish Universities will be different for every one of them, and it will change with the courses, too. The best way to prepare for the admission process is to go through the courses on the University websites.

There will be some application fees with the submission of application. Think thoroughly and research for the courses you are willing to attend.

How to Study in Spain? University Applications:

As we have mentioned, the application process will differ with courses and Universities in Spain. The application process is done online and therefore, it is all the more important to check all the guidelines before applying.

Another important thing is Language Requirements for the courses. Some of the courses are offered in English and some in Spanish.

For both of them, you are required to submit a language proficiency proof for the medium you are going to study in. For English, it is IELTS and TOEFL. For Spanish, DELE and TELC are major options.

Important Dates:

There are no fixed dates or Calendar for the Universities in Spain. However, if you are looking to Study in Spain for Master’s programs, here are rough guidelines to follow. Still, we should emphasise to check the course and University website for accurate information:


Summer Intake Activities


Application Deadline

Mid-September to Early October

Semester One Begins

December to Early January

End of First Semester


Final Exam for Semester One

Late January to Early February

Semester Two Begins


End of Second Semester


Final Exam for Semester Two

Required Documents and After Successful Application

Again, the requirements for the documents will change with courses and Universities. However, these are the most common documents that are required:

  • The Degree or Certificate of your previous study

  • A copy of all the transcripts

  • A Valid Passport

All the documents listed should be translated in Spanish. If they are in any other language than Spanish, get them translated.

Here are the other documents that you might require for the admission process, as well as for Student Visa in Spain, in case you are selected at one of the Universities in Spain:

  • A birth Certificate

  • Complete Application to a University

  • Acceptance Letter from a University

  • A Photo ID

  • Healthcare coverage Insurance valid in Spain

  • Proof of monetary funds, showing you have enough funds to sustain your stay in Spain.

This is general process to Apply at Universities in Spain for 2019. For Any doubts and queries, put your questions in the comment box below.

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