Most of the international students who go to Spain for their University study and training are really interested in working while they are studying or after they have completed their studies or training. Of course, the students can work or have a part-time job in Spain while they study in Spain but there are few things that the students should keep in their mind when they plan to work during or after their study in Spain.

Stay back and Work in Spain after your studies

Working in Spain  

The first and foremost thing is that the international students of the Universities in Spain have to face a lot of difficulty in finding work in Spain than those who have already been living in the country. The first preference of the employer is generally a Spaniard than any other international student.  Most of the people in Spain are highly educated and qualified, so, it is not any difficult task for them to get personal. Most of the students in Spain generally work in industries and companies that do not require any expertise or a great deal of experience.

Requirements for Job in Spain

If you an international student who has visited Spain to work then there are few things that you have to obtain which will basically help you in getting a job in Spain easily. First of all, you need to register yourself at the Social Security Office, you will also need to have a DNI Extanjero. Both of these things don’t require anything except obtaining your passport. Once you have obtained all these things, you will have the same chance of getting a job just like any Spaniard.

If you are a resident of a foreign country then you will have to obtain a permit for work from the Spanish Consulate in which country you belong to. If you are planning to stay for more than 90 days which is an obvious thing then you have to obtain a resident Visa. However, these things are quite tough to get.

It is possible for the foreign students of the university to get an internship to work as well. If you are an interested candidate then you should immediately contact the Association of International Students for Economics and Commerce.

It is an important criterion that the international should understand as well as speak Spanish in order to get jobs in the company that is available within the country.

How to Find a Job in Spain?

Almost maximum of the work that is available for the college students in Spain is seasonal which means that the tenure of the work available for the students will only be for few months to a year. Since most of the jobs available are for forty hours in a week that is from 9 to 6, so, it is important for the students to get one which they can work as a part-time during their studies and full time after their stay back in Spain. It will be best for the candidates if they search for work as early as they as can.

So, it was all about the students staying and work in Spain after their studies.

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