Spain is an exotic destination filled with amazing beaches, parties, and moderate temperatures. If you’re more into the countryside, Spain offers you a wide selection of mountain ranges. However, apart from all this, Spain is truly an exotic and enriching experience to live in, especially if you choose to study in Spain. Universities in Spain are some of the best in Europe. Mentioned hereunder are some of the top reasons to study abroad in Spain

Top 10 Reasons to Study in Spain

Why Study in Spain?

1. Universities in Spain:

Universities in Spain are some of the most renowned ones because of the fact that they inculcate all the elements of the changing times and changing technological advancements into their culture. Spanish universities are known for their entrepreneurial spirit in their teaching methods and their marked disinterest in traditional methods. Therefore, when you come out of University, you’d be prepared to pursue your career dreams in real life. 25 Universities in Spain are featured in top universities of the world by QS. Read more about the universities here: List of Top Ranking Universities in Spain 2020

2. History, Art and Architecture:

The reminders of the Spanish Golden Age can be seen throughout the country even to this date. Spain has been the center of European historical events throughout history, and the monumental sites say the same story. Apart from the landscapes, the history of Spain makes it more interesting. There are also a number of museums in Spain that you can visit while studying in the country. Cities like Barcelona and Mallorca are perfect places to study architecture for international students. There are a number of cathedrals and fortresses to see for the architecture students, or even if you are just someone who is interested in Architecture.

3. Best Cities in Spain to Study Abroad:

Cities like Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Seville are some of the most happening cities not only in the country but the whole of Europe. They are called the big four of Spain.

Out of Spain's highly ranked universities, eight of them are in Madrid and Barcelona. Going to the South of Spain, the University of Granada in Granada ranks among the top 500. Apart from the academics, they are some of the most happening places of the country, and the nightlife in the cities like Madrid is something unmissable.

4. Student Life in Spain

Be it the running bulls in Pamplona, or the La Tomatina, Spain offers something for everyone. Study in Spain offers you an exciting insight into some of the most intriguing festivals that Spain has to offer. For the more conservative, head to the festival that celebrates the patron saint of carpenters where cartoonish figures are built and experience their festival in full glory. Each of these festivals is renowned across the world. You could grab your friends and head to these festivals because, in many cities, you get holidays for these festivals. Unwind, relax and experience the culture of the Spaniards in a true nativity.

5. Affordability:

When compared to other European Countries, the living costs and university fees are relatively low. The cost of living in Spain is 20% less than other popular European destinations. The tuition fees for the English taught courses are also affordable compared to the English speaking countries. The average University Fees in Spain will change with the course and universities. The fees range from 1000 to 2500 euros a semester. However, keep in mind that the fees for Healthcare and Management courses would be higher than the rest of the courses. Here is all you need to know about costs in Spain: Cost of Living and Studying in Spain for International Students

6. Culture:

Study in Spain gets you closer to the culture of Spain. You could dress up in the traditional garments and head down to native gatherings, or head down to salsa dance breakouts for special events. If you have native friends, you’ll truly understand what it means to be a Spaniard. Cities like Madrid, Barcelona etc. have an architecture that bears the influences from the Conquistadors to Romans, making it on the rank of the incomparable ones across all of Europe. If it is their food and wine that you crave, the wine-making of the Spaniards is no secret. You can have an immense amount of fun as it is. Spain is also dotted with some of the richer historical elements from the time of colonial rules and the conquistadors and lesser historical times like the inquisitors. You could get a hang of all of them while in Spain.

7. Learning a New Language:

Though you can study in Spain in English, Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world. It is also one of the most influential languages in the world. Spain is obviously the best place to learn the Spanish Language, as it will help you interact with the locals and immerse into the Spanish lifestyle. Also, the language will make you employable, not only in Spanish but in a number of countries where Spanish is widely spoken, precisely 30 more countries other than Spain. The native speakers are mostly in Spain and the Americas (North and South).

8. Football:

This is something that needs no introduction at all. Don’t go after the American culture and call their sports soccer just to show off. If there is something most of the rest of the world, headed by Spain, hates, it is calling Football soccer. With the many leagues that come to play in Madrid, Barcelona, or some of their better and bigger stadiums, you can get a front-row seat to all the best games of the season if you are a football fan. Witness how people from across the world throng to Spain as the games draw closer. If any of the Spanish clubs are your favorite, you also stand a chance to witness them playing since you’d be hanging around longer than those who are not going to study in Spain.

9. Climate:

When you think about the climate in Europe, damp and cloudy weather comes to your mind. However, being one of the most southern countries of a continent helps. The weather in Spain is sunny and pleasant. Spain has close to 300 days of Sun and according to the World Health Organization, the Climate of the country is one of the best on the planet to live in. With 13 Koppen Climates, it is one of the most climatically diverse countries in Europe, and among the top 10 in the world.

10. Resplendent Landscapes:

Spain is known for its numerous beaches, lined with trees so exotic that it appears straight out of a postcard. The temperature is always moderate in the summers and the seasons are always appropriate. So when the sunlight glitters on the blue waters, you know it is one of the best places to relax. If you’re a mountain person, Spain offers you entire ranges of mountains that are ideal for several extreme sports as well as outdoor activities. With the student groups that form and the accessibility of these mountains, these provide one of the best outdoor team-building activities.


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