Doesn’t it sound cool if you are planning to pursue your MBA in Spain? Think about the country, culture and the welcome nature of the people. The way of living and speaking will give you the feeling that you were always meant for this place.


Moreover, the fees for the Universities in Spain are very low. Before you are planning to study your MBA course in Spain, you should consider few things like how to apply to the Universities and all other things that necessary to study in Spain.

How To Apply For MBA In Spain?

Applying For MBA In Spain

After you are sure of your degree the next thing that you should take care of is looking for good MBA Universities in Spain. The country will offer a wide range of opportunities for study but before you choose any University, it is your duty that you have all the information about the University.


Next, you have to get the application form from the university. You can get the application form in two ways either by mail or download it from the website of the university. Each of the Master’s applications of the universities is customized by the respective universities. You have to get the specifics directly from the source.

Request Application Through Mail:

You can request an application form from the websites of the universities. Most of the universities display the form on their website and this application material can be requested totally online

Downloading Mail From Website:

Many universities also display the application form on their website which can be downloaded and is in the version of ready to print. You can use a regular form to apply. The Universities will charge you an application fee during the time of submission. So, the candidate should be prepared for the payment, especially during the first process. One more thing that applicants should keep in mind is that they should only apply for the application if they are really sure about pursuing their degree. Applying to all the universities will only be a waste of money. Select few Universities and apply for them only.

What Are The Documents Required For Applying?

The documents required during the time of applying might differ according to the program. However, given below are few documents that are required during the time of applying.

  • Certificate of a Bachelor degree

  • A copy of your passport

  • You will also be asked to provide a copy of your transcript

  • Birth certificate

  • Social security card

  • Information of the bank and credit institutions in Spain

One important thing that the applicants should keep in mind is that the documents provided by them should actually be in Spanish.

This helps them for a quicker process during the admission of the documents in other language are kept in the hold which delays the process. So, if your documents are in other languages then get a translator as soon as possible.

Deadlines Of The Application In Spain

The Business schools in Spain don’t have any particular calendar. So basically everything depends on your research skills.

So, the mentioned points will help you in process of applying for an MBA in Spain. If you are planning to apply then start your research and Spanish classes now.

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