One of the most important decisions while picking a destination to study abroad is the cost of education there. While there are scholarships, they are usually based on merit, academic, athletic and other co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. Most students don’t know that they can apply for on-campus financial aid packages as well. Scholarships are typically intended for bearing your living expenses while you study there. Study in France has been on the frontlines of ensuring students find its colleges affordable for studying in. In the light of that, it has brought several changesScholarships in France are a great way to help the students with tuition fees and living costs. Here is the brief information on the existing scholarships in France, how they help students, and why the French government is invested in them.​

Scholarships worth over 1 Million Euros

Scholarships in France:

French Embassy has announced that from the year 2014-15, students would be eligible to over 300 excellence scholarships worth over one million Euros. This number has been increased to 500 for the year 2017. This is following France’s vision of attracting 10000 Indian students by 2020. Currently there are about 4500 Indian students Universities in France. Students pursuing their Bachelor’s, Master’s or Doctoral programs are eligible for applying for these scholarships. According to a statement released by a French spokesman, the intention is to attract Indian students towards fields like Engineering, Medicine, Management etc.

Campus France Scholarships:

The Campus France website is a great way to look for scholarships to study in France. Campus France helps international students not only with the application and visa process, but also the scholarships. For non-EU students from selected countries, Campus France is a great way to start the study abroad journey of France. From Government and Erasmus scholarships, Campus France helps you with the guidance. Read more on the Campus France here: Campus France: What it is and What it does

Available Scholarships in France:

Here are some of the scholarships in France to check out:

  1. Excellence Scholarship
  2. Masters of Science Excellence Scholarships
  3. Entrepreneurship Scholarship
  4. Premier Admission Session
  5. Gateway profile Scholarship

Check out more on: List of Scholarships to Study in France

How Scholarships in France will help International Students?

This has been evident in their measures as well where the permissible stay after completion of  one’s education in France has been increased from six months to one year if one chooses to look for employment in France. The permissible working hours during the course of education have been made 60% of the normal working hours which roughly translates to about 18 hours per week. The scholarship aims to cover living expenses including daily expenses, free student visa, medical insurance, a monthly stipend, and an assistance in finding affordable accommodation in France. The scholarships in France are rightly based on merit which covers aspects such as your academic performance, and activities outside your academia along with pure need based as decided by the government such as needs based on race, socio-political ties, and such parameters as the government may deem fit from time to time.

Deadlines for Scholarships in France and other Expenses:

The deadline for 2017 is closed. However, the deadline for the application typically ends in the month of May. Other offers include Charpak scholarship program which offers three types of funding- research internship, student exchange and a master’s program, Eiffel scholarship program which offers living expenses of upto 1200 Euros per month, free travel on the student visa within the Schengen area and health insurance. Since medical insurance is mandatory to study in France, it is a great option for students to avail of this to avoid the hassle of picking a particular medical insurance. The extension in visa for students seeking employments can be extended to spouses and dependents as Students finishing their education at the time these policies have come into place, but not applicable at the time of commencing their education can also apply for an alumni visa to avail of these opportunities. Though there are over 800 courses taught in English in Franch, knowledge of French would be an asset for applying for the scholarships. Read more on the Requirements here: Study in France Requirements

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