Studying abroad can be costly. One approach to fund your studies is to apply for a study abroad scholarship that can pay for your expenses. If you try your best you can also study in abroad with full scholarship. Here is our Study in Abroad with Scholarship guide to help you to get started.



Who has the most obvious opportunity of getting scholarships?

  • PhD-students: 

If you are going for a PhD you have a decent opportunity to get financed. Now in your scholarly profession, you can be an important asset for your college to help them teach classes and do research. You can also get a fellowship scholarship where colleges, organizations, people or governments encourage your research. This is especially common if you do a PhD in specialized subjects that are of interests to many organizations.


  • Master students: 

As a Master student, you have gained a lot of experience and can assist at your college as an assistant to a teacher or the administrative group. This normally includes around 10 work hours every week in exchange for free tuition. The particular repayment will change between various colleges, some may even take care of your living expenses while others may repay you with customary compensation. Scholarship abroad for masters degree can be gained easily compared to a bachelor’s degree.


  • Academically talented: 

Students with an outstanding academic record have a better opportunity to get an overseas scholarship, particularly if you also score well on the required entrance tests. This is especially true if you apply for a college that is not in the highest point of the rankings since attracting incredible students can improve their ranking.


  • Students with a special skill: 

Numerous colleges in France, Germany, and The Netherlands offer a scholarship to students that are extremely skilled within games, music or similar subjects since such students can strengthen the college's group and help to put the school on the map if they become famous.


  • Low-Income Students: 

One regular criterion for study abroad scholarship is the economy of the student's family. Numerous scholarships to study overseas help poor students to get a good education, while students from all the more well-to-do families are relied upon to help themselves. Numerous high ranking schools have generous monetary guide programs with fixed amounts that you can get based on your family's income, where almost all of your educational cost will be secured if you originate from a low-income family.


  • Minority students: 

Schools like diversity. A good gender balance and nationality blend can help both their ranking and their general engaging quality. So if you are the only candidate from your nation you will have a much better opportunity of getting a scholarship than if the school already has many students from your nation.
Try not to give up if you don't match the profiles above. There are numerous scholarships and very couple of students that apply for them so still, you have the possibility as long as you are willing to put in the extra effort.

Where can I find scholarships for studying abroad?

  • At the school you are applying to: 

Most schools need international students so the most obvious opportunity of getting a scholarship is through the school that you are applying to. Many schools have study abroad scholarships that can enable you to reduce the tuition fees if you can maintain certain grades. Read more on the school's site and don't hesitate to get in touch with them if you have any inquiries. The best way to finance your studies is to get admission in universities abroad offering scholarships.


  • In the nation where you will study: 

Numerous nations offer a scholarship for approaching worldwide students. Some countries offer a scholarship for universal students who need to study abroad. You can find this type of scholarship for any nation by Googling "scholarship for international students". Also search for varieties like subject or talent, scholarship; country. This is the easiest method to find scholarship for foreign education.


  • In your home country: 

Numerous nations offer loans and scholarships for their students when they study abroad. Research what you can get from your nation. Frequently there are also associations inside your country that offer a scholarship to talented and ambitious students. 


  • At your present school and hometown: 

Talk to the guidance counsellor at your present school and inquire as to whether they have any study abroad scholarship that you can apply for or if they can prescribe some other appropriate scholarship. Also check with your current employer, your city and union, church or different associations where you are a member. Some of the time you can discover scholarship for foreign studies that very few individuals know about.


  • Scholarship databases and specialists: 

There are a variety of scholarship databases and scholarship experts that can enable you to discover scholarships on the internet. Some are free of charge however many charges you a fee for their services. Simply ensure that you don't have to pay to apply for a scholarship abroad then it is most likely a scam.


How to get scholarship to study abroad for Indian students 

Organize, prioritize and apply on time: Ensure to take notes when you explore for the scholarship. Write down the scholarship URL (if you found it online), the amount of the scholarship, what you have to join into the application, the due date and who it is for. When you have completed your investigation you should organize the scholarship that you have found. Which scholarship would you say you are most likely to get? Which are generally significant? Which has a due date that comes up soon?
Apply for many: The more scholarship you apply for the better are your chances to really get one, and possibly you will get lucky and get more than one scholarship. But, ensure to put in the effort for each application you make. A messy or incomplete application won't get rewarded so it is smarter to do 5 great applications than 10 bad ones. Apply for scholarship abroad with proper documentation.
What do I need to incorporate into the application: This will change between various foreign scholarships so make sure to send everything necessary. The most regularly asked for documents are 

  • Filled application form
  • a CV/ resume, 
  • an essay, 
  • a transcript of your marks, 
  • financial aid documents
  • letters of recommendation.
  • letter of motivation or personal essay
  • letter of acceptance from an academic institution
  • proof of extraordinary academic or athletic achievement

Make your application stand out: For competitive scholarship programs to study abroad, it is important to make your application to emerge from the group. Especially for undergraduate study abroad scholarships.

  • A brilliant academic record or potentially a motivating essay is a good start. You may also need to attach a photograph and possibly utilize a colourful envelope or a special stamp without trying too hard. 
  • If you have some solid references or merits you can include them even if they are not mandatory. 
  • Perhaps you even record a YouTube- presentation and incorporate the link and a QR-code if you are comfortable before the camera. 

However, what works for one scholarship application won't work for another. Once in a while, it is best to remain entirely formal. Attempt to get an inclination for the association that you are applying to. If you have reached them ahead of time they may recollect you which can be useful.
Submit your application: Always apply before the due date. Ensure that you have included everything that they request in your application. Double-check your essay and CV for spelling and grammatical mistakes and ensure that the address and name on the envelope are right. Keep in mind to sign the application and include your contact details. Then it is time to let it go and wish you the best of luck with your scholarship programs abroad applications.


Study in abroad with scholarship

As we have mentioned there are numerous government, university-specific and different organisational scholarships designed to attract high performing students. Many of these programs offer a considerable bulk amount, educational subsidies, or living allowances to make life easier for an international student to make their life easy in the new country.  Here we have mentioned details of few countries providing scholarships:


  • Study abroad Australia scholarships

Australia has become the most favourable destination for international students. At the same time, it is also expensive to study in Australia. You can obtain scholarships to fund your studies. Australia offers various scholarship programs to foreign students. The government-funded, university-specific and externally funded Australian scholarships are available for international students. These are provided at undergraduate, graduate and PhD level


Check this out: scholarships in Australia


  • Scholarships in Canada

Canada is no doubt one of the most desired destinations for international students, but unfortunately, the cost of studying in Canada is not so affordable than many other countries. But the good news is you can apply for scholarship to study abroad in Canada. You can select the scholarships provided by the Canadian government, universities and several independent bodies. 


You will get full information on how to get scholarship to study in Canada and various scholarships options here: Scholarships in Canada


  • Scholarships in New Zealand 

Many scholarships are offered to international students at each level of higher education in New Zealand.  Government, educational institutions, private organisations offer scholarship schemes based on the academic results as well as financial need.


Explore the awards and grants available to fund your studies in New Zealand: scholarships in New Zealand


  • Scholarship to study in USA

For international students wishing to study in the USA, scholarships can be a great help in financing their higher education. Whether you are applying for the bachelor’s or masters, there are plenty of scholarship options available for you. These may be funded by the USA government, private organizations or by specific institutions. 


To know the answer for how to get a scholarship to study in USA and to know various scholarship options available, read this: Scholarships in the USA


  • Scholarships in the UK 

Receiving financial support could help you achieve your dream of study in UK. There are several scholarships available for students coming from different countries. You can apply scholarships offered by the universities and government in UK. These scholarships can be partially or fully funded, depending on your application, course chosen and the institution.


Check out options of scholarships for Indian students to study in UK here: Scholarships in UK


  • Scholarships in Netherlands

The government of the Netherlands is making continuous efforts to make the country a lucrative option for international students. Providing scholarships is one of the steps in it. Even universities in the Netherlands also provide attractive scholarship options for meritorious international students. You can take advantage of these scholarships and make your dream of study abroad come true.


You can check the scholarships schemes and details here: Scholarships in Netherlands


  • Scholarships in France

There are several scholarships offered to students coming from other countries to study in France. There are 3 types of scholarships offered in France:

  • French Government Scholarships
  • Institutional Scholarships
  • Co-financed or Joint Scholarships

To apply for these available scholarships to study abroad in France, you are required to submit an essay to show that you are an eligible candidate. To get detailed information, check this out: Scholarships in France


We hope you got your answer for how to study in abroad with a scholarship. It is one of the easiest methods to fund your foreign studies other than taking an education loan. Do proper research and don’t let go of the scholarship opportunities to study abroad.

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