International students have a big hurdle of managing the finances while studying abroad. Not only the tuition fees, but rents, food, transportation and what nots only add to the expenses that are already high in a foreign country. Study Abroad Scholarships are the best way to tackle them. Unlike the Student Loans, these do not need a repayment. Before the admission process begins, you should check how to apply for scholarships to study abroad. We are here to help you with that.

how to get scholarships to study abroad

Here is how to get and apply for Study Abroad Scholarships:

1.  Reach to the Contacts for Study Abroad Scholarships:

Ask the professionals. Before you apply for scholarships, you will need to find one. Reach to the professors or the academic advisors you can take the help from. Many a times, you will even not be aware of some of the study abroad scholarships that exist. That is why it is important to contact the people who are in the business already.

2. Research the Study Abroad Scholarships Online:

It is also important to do it by yourself, too. Because only you would know what are your needs and find the right one for you among the List of Scholarships. For that, you can check out the below given list of Scholarships:

List of Scholarships based on Countries:

List of Scholarships that are fully paid:

3. Contact the Organisation:

The best way to know about any Study Abroad Scholarships is to reach to the provider directly. Most of them have their own official websites. You can find every little detail and how to apply for scholarships there. It will also make an impression on the providers that you are keen and serious about the scholarship.

4. A Well-Crafted CV for Study Abroad Scholarships:

The most important part is how you write it! A scholarship CV will be different from a regular CV. When it is a foreign country you are applying to, the modifications are even more necessary. To apply for scholarships, make your CV in a way that it talks about you being the right candidate for the scholarship, and how the money invested in you by the organisation is justified. If the provider is a University, mention why you have chosen that specific University to study abroad. Make sure you refer to some CVs from the country you are going to before drafting one for yourself.

5. Grades are important for Study Abroad Scholarships:

The most important thing for any scholarship is your academics. The provider needs a solid proof that you are the most eligible candidate for the scholarship and not the other thousands of the applicants who have applied with you. Consistent grades tell the provider that you are serious about the studies and will be a promising student going with the further studies in abroad.

Apart from CV and Grades, your application should show you passion for study, in that particular subject of field, and why you are the most deserving candidate for the application.

6. Apply for Scholarships:

Once you have done all the hard work trying to find all the options, now comes the most important aspect: Actually applying for the scholarships. Be aware of the deadlines, the documents required to apply for scholarships, and make sure you have everything in place before initiating the application process of study abroad scholarships.

If you are applying to multiple organisations, make sure you make a customised version of application for each submission. Do not Copy-Paste.

If you have any further queries, check out our Scholarship section: Study Abroad Scholarships | Top colleges, Universities and Programs, or you can ask us in the comment box below.

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