MBA in Germany is not just affordable, but some of the cheapest options available out there for business and administration studies. As you might already know, the public universities in Germany are state-funded. Even for international students, the Universities are tuition-free, making the universities attractive enough to pursue Affordable MBA in Germany.

Cheapest MBA in Germany for International Students

Keeping aside the monetary aspect aside for a second, the Universities are up to the international standards, and in some cases, leading the pack. The Universities in Germany are some of the top ranked, research oriented Universities. If an MBA aspirant is willing to add value to his CV, Germany is the best, and the most affordable place to look forward.

MBA in Germany Cost:

Here is the list to Top 10 Cheapest MBA in Germany, the courses available, the tuition fees for the MBA and total expenses the students have to go through for the first year for MBA in Germany:

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Affrodable MBA in Germany

Planning to do an MBA in the top study abroad destination, Germany? But is the high cost stopping you to do it? For you we have made a list of universities both public and private which will cost you low:

Affrodable Public Universities in Germany

1. Johannes Gutenberg University

Johannes Gutenberg Universität (JGU) is one of the top Public universities in Mainz, Germany. It is ranked #=403 by the QS Global World Rankings 2021. It is one of the most diverse and largest universities in the country. They attract students and scholars from around the globe, conduct national conferences, and regularly host international symposia on a wide range of academic fields. 

Course Average Fees
MBA 3500 EUR 


2. University of Bayreuth

The University of Bayreuth(UBT) is a public research university located in Bayreuth, Germany. It is a research-orientated campus university. It has an impressive international network and responds to social changes and processes with innovations that continue to set new standards. It has modern research bodies and top-class research facilities.

Course Average Fees
MBA 7338 EUR 


3. Ludwig Maximilians University Munich

The Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich is a research-based public university located in Munich city of Germany. It is recognized as one of the cheapest mba in Germany for international students. LMU has attracted plenty of inspired scholars and talented students from the different parts of the world. Creative thinking, research and problem-solving are the mains in the academic programs of the LMU.

Course Average Fees
MBA 4,800 EUR 


4. Esslingen University of Applied Sciences

The Esslingen Graduate School puts stress on running challenges, dynamic and career-building. It is located in Southern Germany. The MBA of the Esslingen is globally recognised, highly competitive, and ranks the list of top MBA programmes in Europe. If you are looking for a cheap mba in Germany, this university should be on your list.

Course Average Fees
MBA 2822 EUR 


5. Offenburg University of Applied Sciences

Offenburg University of Applied Sciences offers plenty of international study programs in the English language. It also provides several academic and non-academic facilities and services to students such as sports facilities, library, housing, study abroad and exchange programs etc. It is one of the affordable business schools for mba in Germany.

Course Average Fees
MBA 10,400 EUR 


6. Reutlingen University

Reutlingen University is counted among the leading universities for business-related and international academic training. It is located in the  Reutlingen city in the southern German province of Baden-Württemberg. In 2008, Reutlingen University merged all three of its business schools, School of International Business, European School of Business, and Production Management and formed the European School of Business (ESB)

Course Average Fees
MBA 3,450 EUR 

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Affrodable Private Universities in Germany:

1. International School of Management

International School of Management (ISM) is a popular business school in Germany. It is a private University. The school is dedicated to creating the future leaders of the global business world. At ISM you can find the MBA programs both full-time and part-time modes. All the programs offered at the School are designed to meet the trends and demands of the global industry space. Compared to the education it gives it is worth university for an affordable mba in Germany.

Course Average Fees
MBA 13371 EUR 


2. Schiller International University - Germany

Schiller International University is a private university. The student body of the university consists of students from different countries and cultures. The main mission of the University is to prepare students, personally as well as professionally, for future leadership roles in a global world. This can be included in your search list for cheap mba colleges in Germany.

Course Average Fees
MBA 1762 EUR 


3. GISMA Business School

GISMA Business School is a private business school in the city of Hanover in Germany. The MBA programme of GISMA is AMBA accredited. The school has a partnership with the reputed Grenoble Ecole de Management.  GISMA provides a high-quality and academically-rigorous education. You can add it to the list of your cheap business schools in Germany.

Course Average Fees
MBA 1938 EUR 


4. SRH Hotel-Akademie

SRH Hochschule Berlin which was known as OTA Hochschule earlier is a state-accredited private university in Berlin. It offers study programmes in English as well as in German languages. It prepares students by learning by doing approaches, projects are given in small groups and personal supervision by lecturers with real business experience. 44% of its students are from abroad.

Course Average Fees
MBA 14137 EUR 

Now that you know the programs for Cheapest MBA in Germany, let’s dive into how to get enrolled for one. There are some requirements, along with the bachelor’s degree, that students require to fulfill to get an admission to one of these Cheapest MBA schools in Germany.

MBA in Germany Eligibility

There is no centralised system for MBA in Germany, and that is why there is no single eligibility criteria for the admission. The Universities and  courses have their specific requirements which students need to fulfill to get enrolled in the top B-schools in Germany. However, there are some of the general MBA in Germany Eligibility criteria, listed below:

  1. A bachelor’s degree with a duration 4 years. If your bachelor degree is of 4 years, a year of Management studies is required before applying. There are few exceptions of Universities that let candidates enroll with a bachelor degree of 3 years. They are however, far and few.
  2. The other requirements are entrance exams like GMAT (the most important of them all), GRE, English language tests (IELTS, TOEFL, TELC, for English taught programs)
  3. A minimum academic performance overall. If not, a significant work experience is required.
  4. A specific University entrance exam, if there is any.

How to Apply to Universities in Germany?

MBA in Germany without GMAT

There are some Universities in Germany that let candidates pursue MBA in Germany without GMAT. There are other requirements in place of the GMAT scores in these Universities. Here are some of the Universities to pursue MBA in Germany without IELTS:

  1. Accadis Business School Bad Homburg
  2. Akademie Würth Business School
  3. Berlin School of Economics and Law
  4. Cologne Business School

Instead of GMAT scores, these universities might ask for a significant work experience, their own entrance exam or the test scores for the other similar tests.

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