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MBA in Germany

Germany contributes to the business world with its stupendous master’s degrees. There are plenty of international business schools in Germany. Some of the best business schools in Germany for MBA provide such quality education which will take your career to the next level.

MBA in Germany is available as a full-time, part-time, and online degree. Universities for masters in business administration in Germany are counted among the best universities in the world.  If you have a good score in IELTS then you can study in MBA colleges in Germany with IELTS. 

Reasons to Study MBA in Germany

There are several reasons for Germany being a top destination for MBA international students. Here are just some of these reasons:

Top business schools in Germany for MBA

The country is home to world-class universities, some being the oldest. German universities consistently maintain a position in the World ranking of top universities. TUM Business School is the top business school in Munich, which is the top student city in Germany. 

Countless MBA degrees. 

The main advantage of doing an MBA in Germany is that you have several options. This range of subjects will help you to find something that will be perfectly suitable for your academic and career goals. You will surely find the best MBA programs in Germany according to your goals.

Affordable price.

Generally, MBA degrees are the most expensive ones and not all students can afford it. But this is not the case with universities in Germany. Although such a high valued degree comes at a high price, the cost is less than popular country’s MBA degrees like while it is equal by academic standards. Germany MBA colleges fees can be an average between 250 to 500 Euros per semester in public universities.

Top-class academic staff. 

The professors you are taught from play an important role in your professional formation and MBA Germany schools are aware of this fact. Thus, Institutions are home to top-class professors who will guide you through the journey to becoming a successful manager and businessman. 

Method of Teaching

MBA in Germany is a program to look forward to, as it will prepare you for the future, and real-life challenges at the job. The courses and modules under the MBA in Germany not only get you through the theoretical aspects but will also prepare you with a mindset of independent business and help you develop a perspective.

  • Plenty of Opportunities

All around the country there are internationally branded companies that are seeking to hire young, motivated, and well-educated candidates, ready to enter a challenging career in the business world. Once you get your MBA degree in Germany you will have countless available options in front of you. Many colleges and universities in Germany have ties with business corporations for research and internships in companies that will help you in the future.

MBA in Germany Program Structure

Students can choose from hundreds of MBA courses, offered in the country by all kinds of institutions such as business schools, technical colleges, universities, etc which are either private or public. You will find the structure flexible in most of the best business schools in Germany for MBA. It is offered in 4 different formats:



2-year full- time course

This MBA course has a duration of 2 years of campus studies and internships.

2-year part-time course

In this course, students can study part time MBA in Germany and can also do part time jobs with it.

1 year MBA

An MBA program preferred by any international professional. Some top colleges offering one year MBA are GISMA school of Business, WHU, Frankfurt School, etc.

Distance learning

This MBA program is offered only by a few selected colleges in Germany. Students can pursue this MBA degree from any part of the world.

MBA in Germany requirements 

Entry requirements for MBA programs in Germany change from university to university. However, there is a list of common documents for all the MBA universities in the country. Mainly the following documents are required to take admission for MBA degree course in Germany:

  • A certified transcript of your grades
  • A recognized Bachelor's degree
  • GMAT or GRE scores
  • Proof of English or German Language Proficiency.
  • Two to three years of professional experience (Optional)
  • Motivation and Reference Letters (Optional)

If you are unable to give GMAT, you can find MBA colleges in Germany without GMAT. If you want to study without appearing for IELTS, that is also possible. There are few colleges for MBA in Germany without IELTS 

Additional information

  • As per your undergraduate degree, you must first check if it’s recognized by the colleges for MBA in Germany. If the Bachelor degree you have attained in your home country is not accepted in Germany, the University will then require you to sit in a two-semesters preparatory course before you commence your regular studies.
  • Note that there are some universities that also accept your application for MBA admission in Germany based on other relevant qualifications or work experiences instead of a Bachelor's degree.
  • Also, note that work experience is highly valued if you want to apply for MBA Executive degree courses in MBA colleges in Germany.

How to apply for MBA in Germany?

After collecting all the documents here is the way to apply:

  • First, check the MBA in Germany eligibility of a particular university must be checked properly before applying.
  • Applications for MBA colleges can be completed online. You just have to scan and convert all your application documents into PDF or JPG format and upload them. 
  • Most of the universities collect applications through a common online application platform named UniAssist. Others which don’t support MBA applications through UniAssist run their online application platform. 
  • Once you submit your application with all requirements for MBA in Germany, the university will send you an email to confirm they have received your documents and your application has entered the selection process. 
  • An important point to be noted is the applications which are delayed will not be taken into consideration, so always check carefully the deadlines of the application of the B schools in Germany

MBA duration in Germany

The duration of your MBA course in Germany varies from university to university. Generally, Full-time MBA degrees and Executive MBA degrees in Germany can be completed between 12 months and 24 months. Some courses make an exemption with the completion period of 15 months, 18 months, or 20 months. 

You should know that some programs provide you with flexible courses regarding duration allowing you to choose between different types of courses.1-year executive MBA in Germany is the most preferred course by international students.

MBA courses in Germany for international student

There are plenty of options for you to study an MBA in one of the most popular study destinations, Germany. MBA courses in the country are highly research-based study programs. Here we have listed some of the important courses in MBA :

  • MBA in operations in Germany
  • MBA marketing in Germany
  • MBA International Business Management
  • MBA in HR in Germany
  • Global MBA in Germany
  • MBA in Entrepreneurship Management in Germany
  • MBA in business analytics in Germany
  • MBA in shipping and logistics in Germany
  • MBA in Communication & Public Relations
  • MBA in finance in Germany
  • MBA in digital marketing in Germany
  • MBA in Big Data Management
  • MBA in international business in Germany
  • MBA - Health Care Management

The top colleges for MBA in Germany offer challenging courses that help students to improve their critical thinking skills. So you will get exposed to different types of experiences which will improve your critical thinking and decision-making skills and as a final result, you will become an employable graduate.

Best executive MBA in Germany

Executive MBA is designed for working professionals who wish to upgrade their managerial skills in their field of work or industry. You can apply for the executive course in the top universities for your career betterment.  It is rare to find those universities which offer executive MBA in Germany without GMAT, as it is a professional course.

  • Kellogg-WHU Executive MBA
  • ESSEC & MANNHEIM Executive MBA
  • DBS/EBS Executive MBA
  • Executive MBA - Frankfurt School of Finance and Management
  • CBS Executive MBA
  • ESMT Executive MBA 
  • Executive MBA at IESE Business School

If you study executive courses in the top public universities in Germany for MBA, you will step ahead in your professional career. Private universities are equally good for it, just make sure that it has a lot to offer as it is a professional degree.

Best Public Universities in Germany for MBA:

The public MBA universities in Germany are famous for providing free education. The MBA courses are, however, an exception. International students are required to pay tuition fees for the MBA.

Private universities have higher tuition fees than public universities. MBAs have a reputation for being some of the costliest courses in the world. Public business schools in Germany give you the option of an affordable MBA. These are the top recommended business colleges in Germany :

  • University of Cologne
  • Technical University of Munich
  • University of Mannheim Business School
  • Ludwig Maximilian University Munich
  • HOF University Germany
  • RWTH Aachen University
  • HWR Berlin

Private business schools in Germany

Private College will most likely have high tuition fees. But you also get an advantage as private universities tend to be more global in scope and have smaller classes sizes with fewer students. Here’s a list of top MBA schools in Germany for foreign students who are looking for private institutes:

  • European business school Germany
  • HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management
  • GISMA Germany
  • BSBI Berlin 
  • WHU-Otto Beisheim School of Management
  • EBS business school Germany
  • Schiller International University

The list of public universities in Germany for MBA is longer than the private universities. That is the reason that you can study in private universities with few students and get excellent results.

Best business schools in Germany for international students

Choosing an abroad university can be tough for international business students and requires a lot of Research. You wish to have an enjoyable university experience, which also offers you the best chance of graduating with a first-class MBA degree. We are here to help you.

Five of the business schools located in Germany are listed in the QS Ranking for Global MBA Ranking. The business schools in the country are known for their versatile program structures, excellent faculty, and beautiful campuses experiences. Here is the list of Top business schools in Germany for international students:

  • Technical University of Munich
  • Frankfurt School of Management
  • ESMT Germany
  • Mannheim Business School
  • WHU Germany
  • HHL Leipzig Graduate business school
  • University of Cologne Business School
  • ESCP Germany
  • GISMA Business School Germany
  • Business School Pforzheim
  • European Business School 
  • EU Business School Munich

MBA in Germany cost

The MBA program is the most expensive to attend in Germany. Good business schools in Germany may charge a little higher based on the services they provide. However, the cost of doing MBA in Germany is cheaper than in popular countries like the USA, UK, while at the same time it offers similar quality as well.

Universities in the country are allowed to decide the charges on their own for the education they provide. So the Fees for MBA in Germany differ largely from university to university. Students can cut down their cost of studying by applying for scholarships or working as a student there.

Private universities charge a little higher tuition fees compared to the Germany public universities for MBA which receive huge funding from the government. Fees Structure will also depend on the types of MBA course you are selecting to pursue. Keep in mind that the executive MBA in Germany cost is higher than Full-time MBA courses.


 Average cost of studying MBA in Germany 

Full-time MBA courses

€30,000 to €50,000

 Executive MBA courses 



If you are unable to afford the cost of top universities you still have the option of cheap MBA colleges in Germany. Low-cost MBA in Germany will not provide the same educational quality, but still, you will get the needed education for your career betterment.


Top 10 MBA Colleges in Germany Fees

Here we have listed few MBA colleges in Germany with fees

QS Ranking 2020


Total Program Fees (in USD)


Mannheim Business School



Frankfurt School of Finance and Management



WHU-Otto Beisheim Graduate School of Management



European School of Management & Technology (ESMT Germany)



HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management



EBS Germany



Munich Business School 



Technical University Munich



University of Cologne



Business School Pforzheim



Cheapest MBA in Germany for international students

Germany attracts a steady volume of International Students from around the world. While top-class universities, great industrial exposure are amongst the many reasons that make Germany a perfect study abroad destination, the Low or no tuition fees is another important factor. Public MBA colleges in Germany are quite cheaper than private colleges. Here are the universities where you can find  affordable MBA in Germany:

  1. Johannes Gutenberg University
  2. University of Bayreuth
  3. Ludwig Maximilians University Munich
  4. Esslingen University of Applied Sciences
  5. Offenburg University of Applied Sciences
  6. Reutlingen University
  7. International School of Management
  8. Schiller International University - Germany
  9. GISMA Business School Berlin
  10. SRH Hotel-Akademie

You can study MBA in one of these cheap business schools in Germany if you cannot afford high cost business schools. You will still be getting a recognized degree all over the world.

Study MBA in Germany for free

Free education is available at selective free MBA universities in Germany which are public Universities. If you do not secure admission at one of them, there is no need to worry. With the help of scholarships, students can study MBA in business schools in Germany for free. Here are the few MBA  scholarships listed below:

  • DAAD Scholarship Programs.
  • Central Sector Scheme of National Overseas Scholarships
  • Go clean Scholarships
  • BrokerFish International Student Scholarships
  • Kofi Annan Business School Foundation Fellowship
  • ESMT Berlin Scholarship Program 
  • IUBH Online MBA Scholarships 
  • Brokerfish International Student Scholarship

MBA programs in Germany for international students are costly, so research about the scholarships and apply while you are applying for the university. To know more about the scholarships, click here: Scholarships in Germany

MBA in Germany with DAAD Scholarships:

If you are an international student, looking forward to Studying at the best MBA University in Germany, there are more than 100 scholarships available through DAAD, which stands for German Academic Exchange Program when translated to English. The Scholarships for Graduate and Masters Courses will include MBA programs in, for which international students can apply. Apart from DAAD, there are a number of scholarships offered from the universities themselves, too. Before applying one should do thorough research to find a suitable scholarship.

MBA in Germany in English

If you don’t know german then you also have an option of pursuing MBA programs in Germany in English.  Top universities in the country offer great varieties of English taught Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) degrees to choose from. The list of Business Schools in Germany for the international student which offers MBA in English is:

  1. MBA Courses in Germany in English| GISMA Berlin
  2. Full-Time Mannheim MBA
  3. Global MBA | Berlin School of Business and Innovation
  4. Financing Options
  5. MBA & Executive MBA in Germany at | Frankfurt School

We would suggest you, gather the information about the university or business school before you apply. You can find online the best business schools in Germany in English. Then directly enquire about the course from their website to get the details. 

List of Top Universities for MBA in Germany without GMAT

As we said, GMAT is required for pursuing an MBA in Germany. There are few best MBA colleges in Germany that accept international students without the GMAT scores. Here are the best universities in Germany for MBA without GMAT:

  1. Technical University Of Munich
  2. Ludwig Maximilian University Munich
  3. University Of Kiel
  4. University Of Tubingen
  5. University Of Stuttgart
  6. Accadis Hochschule Bad Homburg
  7. Akademie Würth Business School
  8. Berlin School of Economics and Law
  9. Cologne Business School (CBS)
  10. Dresden International University

So even if you are not able to take GMAT you can study MBA from Germany without GMAT. Grab this opportunity and build a good career.

Top MBA colleges in Germany without work experience

As discussed in the eligibility section, prior experience is a plus point for pursuing the best MBA in Germany. There are a few colleges that accept international students without any work experience. Here’s a list of the top 10 business schools in Germany without work experience:

  1. Technical University of Munich
  2. Ludwig Maximilian University Munich
  3. University of Tubingen
  4. University of Kiel
  5. The University of Tubingen
  6. University of Ulm
  7. Dresden University of Technology
  8. University of Stuttgart
  9. University of Bremen
  10. Johannes Gutenberg University

These best colleges for MBA in Germany will accept you without any work experience, by evaluating your application on other relevant bases.

Employability after MBA in Germany

The country is home to companies like Siemens, BMW, and Volkswagen. The companies hire MBA graduates from the top Universities in Germany. As we have mentioned, the business schools in Germany prepare you with the skills and knowledge required in the jobs with the research-based learning approach of the schools.

MBA Universities in Germany:

Business Administration Universities in Germany

General Management Universities in Germany

Universities to Study Global MBA from Germany

Human Resource Management Universities in Germany

Supply Chain and Logistics Management Universities in Germany

Entrepreneurship and Leadership Universities in Germany

Law Universities in Germany

Banking/Finance/Accounting Universities in Germany

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it worth doing MBA in Germany?

A: Yes, it is worth doing an MBA program. Along with top universities in Germany for MBA, you will find MBA in Germany fees, affordable fees compared to the UK, USA, with the same quality of education. Germany business school rankings are always high in the world.

Q: Does MBA in Germany require work experience?

A: Most of the MBA programs in Germany will require at least 1 year of work experience. But with work experience of at least 2 years after graduation will help you to get into some of the top universities in Germany. However, you can find some MBA universities in Germany without work experience.

Q: What is the salary of MBA in Germany?

A: The MBA ranking in Germany is among the top courses as the demand for MBA qualified professionals has always been on the rise due to its challenging course module. A combination of the right skill and talent, makes MBA Graduates one of the most well-paid professionals in the corporate sector. If you study at one of the best MBA schools in Germany, you can expect a salary of over $110,000.

Q: Which is better MS or MBA in Germany?

A: Both MS and MBA are postgraduate degrees in Germany that will help you increase your skills and knowledge. If you have an analytical and technical bent of mind you can go for MS and if you are with an aptitude for entrepreneurial and managerial skills then MBA will be better for you in Germany.

Q: Which exam is required for MBA in Germany?

A: You would need GMAT or GRE scores to pursue an MBA program in Germany. You are also required to prove your English language proficiency if you are studying in business schools in Germany taught in English by IELTS or TOEFL. You can also study MBA without giving your Gmat as well as IELTS, as some universities allow it in Germany.

Q: Which university is best for MBA in Germany?

A: Germany MBA colleges rankings are always on the top list in the world ranking. Some of the most well-known MBA universities in the country include ESMT,  Berlin business school, Mannheim Business School, and the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management. To know more about the universities, click here: Top 10 MBA universities in German