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About UK

Before delving deep into the reasons to study in UK, we should know few things about the United Kingdom.

The United Kingdom is a sovereign country in Western Europe. Opting to study in UK is probably the best possible opportunity you are giving to yourself.

A plethora of reasons to answer why study in UK for earning a graduate or post graduate degree can be summarized here in the following discussion.

Sharpened language skills: Irrespective of the fact if you are a native or nonnative speaker of English, studying your desired course here in UK is definitely going to enhance your language skills inside out.

Study in UK

Joy of Living

Exploring the country having a rich ancient backdrop, a dynamic diversity and strong architecture in leisure time is the greatest advantage of studying here. The UK has been the one of the topmost favorite destinations for travelers worldwide. A number of historic landmarks, parks, castles palaces, museums and many more attractive spots where you can relax yourself after a hectic week in the university. Besides you will also have easy access to the rest of the Europe as you are very close to the most famous cities like Paris, Rome, and Barcelona etc.

Refined research ventures and greatest discoveries: The  top universities in UK has shown some of the greatest advances and world class innovations of the century like the first test tube baby, the first atom split to name a few by some of the most talented researchers and scientists. It has been a place for a number of noble prize winners across various fields. While following the footsteps of these genius, staying in this environment that has fostered such discoveries in human knowledge is sufficient to influence a great deal of motivation on you to excel in your own field.

Academic Stature

UK is the home for some of the oldest and best universities in the world. The UK university rankings draw a huge number of international students every year. British universities have already earned a global reputation by consistently performing well in the top university rankings such as Times Higher Education Rankings and QS World Rankings. The English universities are globally renowned for their intensive research orientation. Few of the top universities in UK are University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, UCL (University College London), Imperial College London to name a few.

The courses and the qualifications offered by the English universities are internationally acclaimed. There remains a great demand for high quality graduates in certain professions like engineering or the fields associated with various scientific fields. These courses are highly regarded by the employers worldwide that ensures a sharp edge in your employability.

General Life as a student in UK

General Life as a student in Uk

The student life in UK is hugely inspiring and enjoyable. With the growing number of international students enrolling each year, you have the opportunity to explore the diversity, to share your backgrounds and to have a rich learning not only from the some of the world’s best academicians and experts but also from each other. The diverse background and culture helps you gain knowledge in so many perspectives and makes you quick to adapt to a completely new environment.

The courses offered here are generally for shorter term compared to the other overseas universities. The post graduate courses, except a few are usually of one year that incur less tuition fees and less living costs. The courses in the top universities in UK are cheaper especially when compared to the degrees earned by the top universities in US and Australia. UK is the cheapest of the three biggest international study destinations. The engineering courses are also affordable with a numerous specializations available to the international students.  Thus it is an absolute value for money.

General Safety:

UK is fairly safe for the international students. The crime rates are low, and the police authority presence can be felt wherever you go. The universities in the UK have a dedicated international office, tutors and counselling centres for the international students studying there. The security help desks are there in the schools, colleges and universities, too. With any query regarding personal belongings or security, students can reach out to them.


The general physicians are called GP (General Practitioners). The healthcare surcharge and insurance covers your GP visits, other hospital visits and other medical attentions you might need. Dental and Optical treatments are not covered in the healthcare insurance most of the time.

Top Student Cities and Universities to Study in UK

Not only in Europe, Universities in UK are known worldwide for their prestigious legacy and renowned education. The most obvious choice students go for is London. but apart from that, England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland are home to many cities and University worth checking out. Click here to find out: Top Student Cities and Universities to Study in UK

Working while Studying in UK

Working while Studying in UK

Providing the students with the facility to work while studying is one of the major significance of UK academic system. At one hand it gives you the opportunity to raise the much needed fund to support your course work, on the other hand it already enriches you with work experience which is going to be an important part in your professional life.

Continue working after graduation in UK

Here if you already earned a degree, you already have immigration permission which is extended up to 4 months after the completion of your course. Post this period, you can apply for immigration permission in the work visa categories and the process is not so difficult.

The United Kingdom is a sovereign country in Western Europe. It consists of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and is commonly known as the United Kingdom (UK) or Britain. The name Britain has been derived from the name of a Celtik tribal group, the Brythons. The UK is situated in north western coast of European mainland. The island of Great Britain, the north-eastern part of Ireland, and many small islands form the United Kingdom. The UK has the Atlantic Ocean on all sides. At its widest the United Kingdom is 300 miles across. It is surrounded by the North Sea to its east and the English Channel to its South and Celtic Sea to its South West.

London, the capital of the UK, is situated on the tidal River Thames in southeastern England.  London is one of the world’s leading commercial, academic, financial, and cultural centers. Apart from this capital city, other major cities include Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester, Belfast, Edinburgh and Glasgow to name a few.

Stay Back and Work Options After Study in UK

Once you have completed your graduation and you are willing Stay Back in UK due to the quality of life it has to offer, you can take your career ahead in UK with bright possibilities. Here is all the information on Visa Types and Stay Back Options in UK: Stay Back and Work Options After Study in UK


The United Kingdom is formed with four historical and geographical parts—England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. The archipelago is formed by Great Britain, the north-eastern one-sixth of Ireland, and by a few smaller islands. This is irregular in shape and diverse in landscape. The United Kingdom generally has a temperate climate, with sufficient amount of rainfall all year round.

Travelling :

Travelling :

The United Kingdom has always been favorite for the travelers. According to one survey in 2012, London has been announced as the most favorite tourist destination in the world. There are museums, parks, castles, historical monuments, architectural landmarks and many more attractive places to visit. Few great examples are London Eye, Piccadilly Circus, Belfast Zoo, National Space Centre etc.

For visiting these places, there are a number of ways of transportation like train, car, narrowboat and even taxis available round the clock.

Travel by train is the best option available, if you are wishing to visit any of the major cities of the as it will give you the chance to get from place to place swiftly with a lifelong experience of some breathtakingly spectacular British sights on your way. The facility of rail pass is also available if you are a frequent traveler. Apart from this, rented cars are also available at railway stations, major airports and city centers. This facility work best if you book it well in advance, especially before your arrival in UK. Taxis are also available at all main railway stations. Besides, there are more leisurely forms of transports like horse riding, bikes and narrow boats. If you want to cover some unusual picturesque local options, these are the best mediums of transport. Last but not the least if you are travelling from far north to far south destinations, airplane is the only option.


There has been a lot of surveys regarding the religious beliefs of the people of the United Kingdom. Many people claim that they particularly don’t believe in any specific religion. Few did not wish to reveal their religious identity. However it is mainly dominated by the Christian religious belief followed by the Islamic belief. Here goes a comparative study of the difference in religious beliefs over 10 years.


Percentage in 2001

Percentage in 2011



















Other religion



Total non-Christian religion



Religion not stated

No specific data


No religion

No specific data


Religion not stated plus no religion







Study in UK for Free

Study in UK for Free


Studying in UK, along with accommodation and living expenses can be expensive. And because of that, fully paid Study Abroad Scholarships are a blessing to international students. With these scholarships, you can make your Study in UK effectively free. Check out here: Study in UK for Free

Politics and Economy:

At initial phase Scotland and England used to be two separate countries with their own empires and political infrastructure until Wales fell under the control of England and the union of Great Britain and Northern Island was formed.

Over the years, the union became successful to bring England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland together by their various actions though Ireland later gained independence in 1922 as a separate entity.

The British Empire had spread its territory to far flung countries like India to Africa to South America. This colonial history made this country a subject to multiple global influences to gain a rich multi diversity backdrop in culture and other significant areas. Those days are long gone and with time the glory of the British Empire faded away. In present times where the US is almost controlling the whole world with their power, wisdom and farsightedness, the UK manages to retain its major political and economic position. The UK economy is considered to be the fifth largest in the world and the second largest in Europe.   

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