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The United Kingdom is made of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Masters in UK has been a favorite for the international students, as half a million international students from all around the world apply and many of them come to study in UK every year. Higher education in the UK is pioneer to research education, and has some of the top ranked universities in the world. Here is all you need to know about the Master’s in UK:

Masters in UK

Why Study in UK?

Here is what makes UK a perfect destination to study Masters abroad:

  1. Universities in UK are some of the most top ranked universities in the world. On Many levels, the UK Universities are world leading when it comes to standards of education and they are pioneer universities for the research universities.
  2. In addition to being home to some of the most reputed universities in the world, there is a wide range of courses on offer for the international students. Especially for the STEM courses (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), UK is known the most.
  3. The Post-Graduation courses, equivalent to the Masters, are for one year, unlike other countries that offer two years Masters. This means the course, as a whole is much affordable than two year Masters.
  4. The one more advantage to one year Master's program is that, the students are exposed to the market earlier than their counterparts. Post-Brexit, the EU students will not get any added privilege staying in Britain or working there, which opens up the doors for students from other countries.
  5. The Last but not the least, there will be a vacuum created by the students from the EU applying to UK. As other EU students are applying with the same eligibility criteria as the world, UK no more stands a favorable option for the EU students. There will be a decline in the application from EU countries.

Master Degree in UK

The Higher education in UK is under the operation of the separate countries. The United government is responsible for education in England, the Scottish and Welsh government are responsible Scotland and Wales respectively. The Northern Ireland executive is responsible for the education in North Ireland. Collectively, the United Kingdom has the worlds most prestigious and highly sought after education system.

Masters in UK for International Students

As we have mentioned, Universities in UK receive a ton of applications every year. International students looking for an English speaking country, and world renowned Universities, prefer UK as their study abroad destination. An average of 10% students at the universities in UK are international students.  UK has long been attracting international students and the number is always increasing.

How long is a Masters Degree UK

In general, the programs for Masters in UK is only for one year. Almost all the universities follow this. Therefore a large number of Masters in UK programs go for one year.

2 Years Full Time Masters Course in UK

The Masters programs that are for the part-time, mostly run for two years. Apart from that also, the universities have a number of Masters Programs in UK, which run for two years/

List of Universities in UK for Masters

Here is the list of top universities in UK for Masters as per the various university rankings from various entities.

Universities in UK

QS World Ranking

THE University Rankings

University of Oxford



University of Cambridge



Imperial College London



University College London



The University of Edinburgh



The University of Manchester



King's College London



London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)



University of Bristol



The University of Warwick



MS Universities in UK

MS in UK is one of the most sought after programs in UK, as the employability rates are higher in the MS courses for the United Kingdom. MS courses mostly award the degrees in the fields of the science and mathematics. Here are some of the courses in UK for Science, Engineering and mathematics:

Masters in Surgery in UK: Clinical & Surgical Sciences MSc (Res), University of Glasgow

MS in UK for Civil Engineering:  Civil and Structural Engineering, University of Liverpool

MS in UK for Mechanical Engineering: Advanced Mechanical Engineering, University of Leeds

How to Apply for a Masters Degree in UK

To apply for a Masters in UK, the students will have to apply through the UCAS application. Many universities in UK accept application from the UCAS only. The UCAS stands for Universities and Colleges Application Service. Students need to register themselves and create an account on the UCAS website. There are some of the supporting documents required along with the application, here is the list of documents required for the Masters in UK:

  • Birth Certificate
  • A Valid Passport
  • Letters of Recommendation where required
  • English Language Proficiency Proof
  • Academic Transcripts
  • Degree and Certificates of Previous Education

The Accepted English Language Test scores are IELTS, TOEFL and C1 Advanced Test Scores.

Masters in UK Cost

The universities in UK are not really known for their affordability. However, there are universities where Masters in UK can be done with relatively less tuition fees. The Bachelor’s degrees are more expensive than the Masters Degrees. For International students, the fees are higher than non-EU/EEA students.

Master Degree in UK fees

Course Type

Average Tuition Fees in Sterling Pounds

Classroom (Arts and Humanities, Social Sciences)


Laboratory (Science and Engineering)


Clinical (Medical, MPhil)




Masters Degree UK Funding

The government of UK nations offer students loan to international students. The amount for these loans are fixes, and it is as follow: England offers a Masters loan of 10609 pounds, Wales grants upto £13000, Scotland offers the Master’s loan upto £10000, and for the Northern Ireland, the amount is 5500 pounds.

There are also scholarships and bursaries in UK for international students, which are not needed to be paid back. The fully paid scholarships also let you Study in UK for Free. There are other government and university funded scholarships, too. Check out the scholarships here: List of Scholarships in UK for international students

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