United Kingdom has long been one of the favorite study abroad destinations for Indian students along with the USA. Study in UK has proven to be a better option for Indian students now more than ever when the Visa Rules are getting increasingly strict in the USA. Be it the quality of the Education, or the after study opportunities in the UK, here are some of the top reasons why Indians choose UK over other studies abroad destinations:  

What makes UK a Perfect Study Abroad Destination for Indian Students

Study in UK Scholarships:

Universities and Governments offer a wide range of grants and scholarships for Indian students, and they are a great way to help you with your funds. There is a number of help available for international students to study at Universities in UK. Here are some of them:

  1. ITM Scholarship

  2. MARC Global Professional Scholarships

  3. Dean’s Merit Scholarship

While these are partially paid merit scholarships, there are some options for Study in UK scholarships that let you study in UK for Free effectively.

For all the scholarships in UK, click here: Study in UK Scholarships

Study in UK cost and ROI

The UK is not particularly famous for being affordable, and that is what makes the calculation of ROI even more important. ROI stands for Return of Investment, which states if the cost you put into your study abroad would be worth it after you complete the studies. The Indian applicants are very aware of the return on the investments, and on average, for an Indian student, it takes three to four years to get started with their career in the chosen field. The students will start getting the rewards at the same time after their program is finished.

Studying in UK for International Students

UK has long been the synonym for prestigious education, and there is no doubt about the quality of the education in UK. There is Oxford and Cambridge and 11 more Universities in UK that feature in the Top 100 Ranked Universities in the world. 18 more features in the top 200. For Indian students, where Indian Higher education after a bachelor's degree does not offer much, Universities in UK make it their list for obvious reasons.

Check out the Universities: Top Universities in UK for International Students

Study in UK Requirements: Easier than the US

Unlike USA, you are not needed to appear for general or subject-specific SATs to get admission at undergraduate levels. However, make no mistake; the other requirements are just as rigorous and the acceptance rates are as low for the high-end Universities. Here are some of the general requirements for the Universities in UK:

  • A Valid Passport
  • Passport size Photographs
  • Application Essays / SOP
  • CV / Resume
  • Degree and Transcripts of the previous application
  • Language Proficiency Proof (IELTS / TOEFL / Cambridge / PTE)
  • Proof of Paid Application Fees

These are general requirements for the Universities in UK, and different courses will have different application criteria and admission requirements. For more information on the application process, click: How to Apply at Universities in UK for International Students

Study in UK without IELTS

UK has courses in the English language and that is a huge advantage in the UK, as the other European countries do not have as many courses in the English language. While other countries like France, Germany, and Italy also have English Speaking courses, they are selective courses. In the UK, the universities are completely English taught Universities.

One of the requirements to study in an English-speaking University are English Language Tests like IELTS or TOEFL. However, the tests are not the only way to prove your proficiency. Some Universities do not require IELTS or any other test for language requirements. Find out more: Study in UK without IELTS


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