How to get 700 on GMAT ?

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GMAT is one of the standardized exams taken by the students to get admission in the management programs in international institutions. Then it is for sure that it wouldn’t be an easy exam and getting a high GMAT score in it is a big achievement. Getting a 700 GMAT score isn’t easy, but it is also not impossible. If you work hard and smart it is achievable. Let us discuss some tricks and tips for you to score 700 on the GMAT. I hope from this content you get the answer for How to get 700 on GMAT.

1. Start early.

A survey carried out by the GMAC, the organization that administers the GMAT, found that there is a direct positive relationship between the studying hours spent and the score of the GMAT. GMAT candidates who spend more than 120 hours preparing, score 700 or above, while candidates who spend around 75 hours studying, score 400 and below. So start your preparation early as soon as you make up your mind to appear for the GMAT. Read also: Time management of 3 Hours 30 Minutes in the GMAT

2. Practice makes perfect.

The GMAT exam is tightly timed and the questions can seem tough compared to other standardized tests. Not only in one of two, but you should also be prepared for each section in GMAT very well to score high. So the best way to achieve 700 scores on the GMAT is to do more and more practice in each section, especially the sections you are weak in. Find the mistakes you are making to understand what went wrong and avoid making the same mistakes again. Here are a few mistakes repeated by candidates, have a look at them and avoid doing it: 13 Common mistakes made by GMAT test-takers and how to avoid them

3. Study smart.

At least spend a week or two concentrating on each section of the GMAT. Math for GMAT is fairly basic, so maybe you need to just relearn everything you have forgotten. Investing in a dedicated GMAT preparation textbook and also in the online courses could be a worthwhile investment. Here are a list of a few: Best GMAT Preparation Books and Online Resources

Don’t ignore the verbal sections. Measure your performance on the practice papers and decide which questions you found the most difficult. Is it critical reasoning or sentence correction? Whatever it may be, try practicing a couple of questions every day including the sections you find difficult. Before taking the exam spend the last few weeks practicing on the mock test and practice test as much as possible, to get used to the format.

4. Pace yourself.

While taking practice tests, try experiencing the test environment as nearly as possible, keeping track of timings and pace. You must answer all the questions on the GMAT and will be penalized harshly if you fail to complete the test on time. Prepare yourself to stay calm, manage the time well, and be strategic in answering the questions.

5. Take mock tests

Mock tests will help you win against your weaknesses in concepts or the application of concepts. They will also show the gaps in test-taking strategies and nearly estimate your readiness for the official GMAT. Practicing the questions in the mock test and reviewing the mistakes will help you to score more than 700 on GMAT. Here are a few samples of it: GMAT Sample Questions

So for the question of how to score 700+ on the GMAT?, the above-mentioned steps will help you achieve your targeted score in GMAT. The only thing that a high GMAT score asks from you is consistency. Work hard and make the difficult thing become easy. You can get admission to many of the international institutions easily after scoring 700 on GMAT

All the Best..!!