Best GMAT Preparation Books and Online Resources

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Now that you have decided to step ahead in your career and look forward to getting admission into international universities, It's time to prepare well for your GMAT exam. There are different materials available for you to prepare for your GMAT. One can get GMAT prep books and join online GMAT forums, which help you prepare for the exam.

In this article, we will talk about the various GMAT Preparation Books and other materials which are best for cracking the GMAT. We have provided a comprehensive list of the best GMAT study books and resources that will give you a proper understanding you will be able to crack the exam easily.

How to choose the right books for GMAT preparation

With several GMAT preparation books available, it becomes way more difficult to select the right one. These key factors will help you determine the right test preparation book or resource to tackle GMAT:

New Strategies and ideas:

  • It is not just about solving difficult questions, but after going through the book you should be able to frame successful strategies and ideas to stay ahead of others such as time management, priority sections, etc.

Practicing the Right Set of Questions:

  • The GMAT exam is based on a specific pattern, so it is important that you practice the right set of questions, which can help you out in clearing the exam with a good score.

Must include answers with detailed explanations:

  • The GMAT preparation books must provide answer keys so that one can understand the correct method to solve different types of questions. The answer keys should give detailed explanations about the correct answer which helps the aspirant to understand the concept and logic behind it.

Best GMAT preparation books

The GMAT is designed to filter out the finest minds that go on to study at reputed institutions. To get an excellent GMAT Score you need to score well which is possible only through good preparation. Here we have listed excellent books for you to prepare yourself for GMAT:

Sr no Book Author
1 GMAT Official Guide 2022 GMAC
2 Manhattan Prep GMAT Strategy Guide Set Manhattan
3 Kaplan's "GMAT Prep Plus 2022-2023 Kaplan Test Prep
4 PowerScore verbal trilogy Bible

David M. Killoran, Victoria Wood,

Jon M. Denning

5 Veritas Prep Complete GMAT Course Veritas Prep

1. GMAT Official Guide 2023:

This is the official GMAT guide by GMAC. It consists of questions on each level but most importantly easy and medium. This series has  2,000 real GMAT questions from past exams. It also offers the online question bank which lets the aspirant create customized practice sets. You will get all the information about this book here: GMAT Official Guide 2023

2. Manhattan Prep GMAT Strategy Guide Set

This is a set of 10 books or eight strategy guides that focuses on each section of the GMAT Syllabus from analytic to integrated reasoning to Mathematics. Additionally, you will also get one-year access to practice tests and web material. These books will help you in strengthening your skill set to perform exceptionally well. The study material and guides offered by Manhattan are considered the best GMAT preparation material by the reviewers.  Practice questions also come with a detailed explanation for the answers. You can get this here: Manhattan prep

3. Kaplan GMAT Complete 2022-23

This book of Kaplan is highly rated by test-takers and reviewers. Practice questions for all concepts and question types are there in this book along with detailed answer explanations. It includes 6 practice tests, with more than 500 online quiz banks that let you customize your practice and select problems by topics and difficulty. Compared to other GMAT preparation books, this complete guide offers questions that are not too easy to solve. You will get this book here: Kaplan GMAT Complete 

4. PowerScore verbal trilogy Bible

This pack consists of three GMAT Verbal books. They are Critical reasoning, reading comprehension, and sentence correction. It includes the concept files and explanations with the explanation of the methods used. The main disadvantage of it is that it does not have any practice questions. Therefore, if you want to learn the solid concepts of the verbal section, then you can buy this. You can also get these books individually. You can check out the information here: PowerScore verbal trilogy Bible

5. Veritas Prep Complete GMAT Course

This set consists of twelve dedicated guides and an in-depth overview of GMAT subjects. It covers each topic of the GMAT in detail. The practice questions in this book are not only unique but challenging as well. However, the disadvantage is that this book lacks the answer key that provides how to solve the problem. This book has a mixed reviews from the candidates. Also, this book is a bit costlier. You will get this book here: Veritas Prep Store.

Online GMAT Preparation Courses

In the below-given table, we have mentioned the online GMAT course for your preparations with their prices and link. Check it out:

Online GMAT Course Price Links
e-GMAT $399
Manhattan Prep $999
Veritas Prep $699
Magoosh $199
EMPOWERGMAT $99 per month

Websites offering Excellent GMAT Mock Tests

The test preparation material is not only offered by the official website of GMAT but also by other websites. All are quite comprehensive and detailed. Numerous websites offer a wide variety of GMAT mock tests. We have hand-picked five websites that offer well-designed and useful GMAT mock tests. Here we have listed a few websites where you will get excellent GMAT Mock Tests :


We hope you found the list of websites that we have listed above to be useful for you to sign up for GMAT mock tests. You can keep taking mock tests, check your performance, and on gaining confidence write the original GMAT. For practice, you can check: Gmat Sample Questions

Wishing you good luck with your GMAT with a good score.

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