Student visa For Denmark

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Nowadays studying abroad has become most common among youths. When it comes to abroad studies, Denmark is a place which comes on the top 3 countries list. It is considered as a beautiful place to explore yourself and go for higher studies. 

Student Visa For Denmark

Denmark is also known for its innovative teaching techniques in the field of education. Students planning to study there experience great coaching which helps them to build their carrier and improve their skills in a more effective manner. Hence Denmark comes under top 3 lists of countries wherein students like to apply for. 

As a normal procedure, you will have to acquire a Visa for studying in Denmark. Below are some steps which will guide you on how to acquire a student visa for Denmark.

Students Visa In Denmark

You need to have Residence permit: When you are going from India it becomes necessary for you to acquire a residence permit for Denmark. The residence permit will give you your way to begin your study abroad adventure in Denmark.

The time required: Firstly you need to select the university at which you want to study in Denmark. Then post that you can simultaneously apply for the Danish residence Visa as well. It usually takes 2 months’ time to get processed. Hence you need to apply at least 60 days before the course starts.

Important points to apply for Danish Residence Visa:

  1. Firstly you need to apply on their website online and schedule an appointment in the Danish embassy.
  2. You can select the embassy in your nearby area as well.
  3. Along with you, your university in which you are applying has also to fill the form with an embassy.
  4. Biometrics need to be provided by Indian residents while doing the visa application process.
  5. These biometrics are used for security purposes.
  6. There will be a Visa interview which will be conducted by an embassy, you need to attend the same.
  7. The validity of the residence visa will be until the course gets completed.
  8. You may have to renew your visa every year.
  9. If you wish to continue to stay in Denmark post your studies you need to apply for a new Visa.
  10. To acquire a Danish visa you may require approx. 2110 DKK. However, the amount and payment method may solely depend upon the embassy.

Documents needed for Denmark visa:

  • Firstly you need to show that you have money sufficient to live in Denmark and pay your tuition fees. Or else you need to show that at least you have 6090 DKK in your bank account.
  • Indians are specially required to prove that they know English in order to stay in Denmark.
  • There is no requirement for a medical test for an Indian student in Denmark.
  • There is no requirement for Indian students to apply for restricted bank accounts for Denmark which states that you can use that account only when you arrive in Denmark and can only access to a certain limit of money.

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