Masters in Canada for International Students 2019 - 2020

Masters in Canada

Canada has been one of the most preferred study abroad destinations in the world in recent times. The Universities make up for the perfect institutions to study Bachelor’s as well as Masters in Canada. Here is what makes the Canada a perfect place to pursue your Masters, and all the other useful details about Masters in Canada.

Masters in Canada

Masters in Canada for International Students

Canada, along with UK and USA, is a top overseas education destination for the English speaking students. However, it is just not about English in Canada. In the Quebec region, one can study in French also, making it one of the best bilingual study abroad destinations in the world. The Universities in Canada are some of the most renowned institution in the world. Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal are some of the best cities in the world for Masters. You can read more about that in here: Best student cities to Study in Canada.

List of Universities in Canada:

As you might have noticed we are going on and on about how celebrated the Universities in Canada are. 26 of the universities in Canada are ranked in the top Universities in the world. Here are the top Universities in Canada and their world rankings:

Top Universities in Canada for Masters:


Universities in Canada

QS University Ranking

THE Ranking


University of Toronto




McGill University




University of British Columbia




University of Alberta




McMaster University



For all the Universities in Canada, check out: List of Universities in Canada for international students

Courses in Canada after Graduation:

Now that you are aware of the Universities in Canada for MS and other courses, let us talk about the courses one can apply for. From Marine engineering to hospitality and tourism management or IT colleges in Canada, the country has courses for the students from every stream. There are also one year Masters Programs in Canada. Here are some of the top courses in Canada for the international students.

Masters in Canada Requirements

There are some general requirements when it comes to studying Masters in Canada. Though the requirements in Canada for Masters will change with the courses and universities, some general requirements remain the same. The most important among them is, that most of the Universities, for masters in Canada need to be 16 years of academics before. This translates to the common 12 years of schooling and a four year bachelor’s degree. The students who have a three year bachelor’s degree will have to enroll for a foundation course in a Canadian University.

In that case, students can ask directly to the universities if the course they are applying for will allow them to enroll for Masters in Canada after 3 year degree. Read more on that here: How to Apply for Study in Canada?

The other way is to enroll for a one year diploma in Canada and continue with Masters after that. You can read more on that here: Which one is better: Masters or PG Diploma in Canada?

Masters in Canada Cost:

The Cost for Masters in Canada is lower more affordable than the undergraduate programs. The average tuition fees for the Universities in Canada for Masters is 16500 Canadian dollars for a year. The highest tuition fees for Masters in Canada is however 40000 CAD. The tuition fees are different for the MBA courses, and they are higher than other post-graduation programs, just as other countries in the world. The average tuition fees for an MBA program are around 30000 CAD, while the executive MBAs are for around 49500 CAD.

Masters in Canada Scholarships:

The cost of studying in Canada should not stop the aspiring students from achieving the quality education the country has to offer. There are number of scholarships and grants available for international students, both from the Canadian Government and the Universities in Canada. Along with the international student loans, the scholarships are a great way to fund one’s education abroad without burning the pockets. Here is the list of scholarships for studying Masters in Canada

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