Management in Canada

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Exams Accepted
University Of Toronto

University Of Toronto

Location: Toronto, Canada

Bachelors: CAD 45690 Masters: CAD 113775
Entry Criteria: IELTS ,TOEFL
McGill University

McGill University

Location: Montreal, Canada

Bachelors: CAD 15,760 Masters: CAD 15,760
Entry Criteria: IELTS ,TOEFL
The University of British Columbia

The University of British Columbia

Location: Vancouver, Canada

Bachelors: CAD 21600 Masters: CAD 15897
Entry Criteria: IELTS ,PTE MORE
University of Alberta

University of Alberta

Location: ave, Canada

Bachelors: CAD 15549 Masters: CAD  8,948
Entry Criteria: IELTS ,PTE MORE
McMaster University

McMaster University

Location: Hamilton, Canada

Bachelors: CAD 14088 Masters: CAD 16761
Entry Criteria: IELTS ,PTE MORE
University of Montreal

University of Montreal

Location: montreal, Canada

Bachelors: CAD 15,943 Masters: CAD 11,957
Entry Criteria: IELTS ,
University of Waterloo

University of Waterloo

Location: Waterloo, Canada

Masters: CAD  14,508
Entry Criteria: IELTS ,PTE MORE
University of Western Ontario

University of Western Ontario

Location: London, Canada

Bachelors: CAD 24643 Masters: CAD 106500
Entry Criteria: IELTS ,TOEFL
The University of Western Ontario

The University of Western Ontario

Location: london, Canada

Bachelors: CAD 24643
Entry Criteria: IELTS ,TOEFL
University of Calgary

University of Calgary

Location: Calgary, Canada

Bachelors: CAD 18330 Masters: CAD 12695
Entry Criteria: IELTS ,PTE MORE
Queen's University

Queen's University

Location: Ontario, Canada

Bachelors: CAD 27412 Masters: CAD 12673
Entry Criteria: GMAT ,
Simon Fraser University

Simon Fraser University

Location: Burnaby, Canada

Bachelors: CAD 16076 Masters: CAD 25167
Entry Criteria: IELTS ,TOEFL
Dalhousie University

Dalhousie University

Location: Halifax, Canada

Bachelors: CAD 16202 Masters: CAD 16869
Entry Criteria: IELTS ,TOEFL
University of Ottawa

University of Ottawa

Location: Ottawa, Canada

Bachelors: CAD 10145 Masters: CAD 18699
Entry Criteria: GMAT ,GRE MORE
University of Victoria

University of Victoria

Location: Victoria, Canada

Bachelors: CAD 32511 Masters: CAD 17301
Entry Criteria: IELTS ,TOEFL

Management Universities in Canada

Canada is also a culturally diverse country. However, for the youth of today, the country is famous for the educational opportunities it presents to them from the universities in Canada. International students flock to the country in large numbers to take advantage of its world-class education. Among all the courses and programmes Canada offers its students, none perhaps is as popular as Management in Canada. In fact, the country has some of the best Management colleges in the world, offering Management courses that are internationally not only recognized but respected. The Management colleges are more popular in Canada than the medical colleges

Management is the administration of an organization, whether it is a business, a not-for-profit organization, or a government body. A management course includes a variety of topics about a wide range of skills applicable to many organizations. Courses can be found in classroom training, urban management and development, leadership and management, and business administration.


Study Management in Canada


  • Universities of Canada are known for their high-quality teaching and strict quality controls.

  • The management programs are known for their research-focused curriculum in Canada.

  • The cost of pursuing a Management in Canada is comparatively affordable. Few scholarship programs are also available for international students.

  • Students get the opportunity to work while studying their management courses. The course curriculum in Management colleges and universities include internship programmes. These help students work in real business environments and gain better insights into the industries

  • The management courses are conducted in English, which is beneficial for Indian students.


PhD in management in Canada without GMAT


GMAT is an important requirement for admission to PhD in Canada for management. Most major universities require GMAT. However, many graduate schools allow students to pursue a PhD in management without GMAT. Whether GMAT is needed or not also depends on the subject. Some may have strict GMAT requirements, whereas others may do not. Few universities who do not demand GMAT in Canada are:

  • University of Saskatchewan

  • University of Winnipeg

  • Memorial University

  • University of Regina

  • Brock University

  • Carleton University

  • Concordia University

  • University of Calgary

  • Concordia University


Masters in management in Canada


Many Masters in management(MiM) program is available around Canada. Few Masters in management(MiM) programs in the nation allow students to specialize in a particular area of business, while others are more common programs, including different areas of business, including supply chain, accounting,  finance, leadership and many more.

  • Master of Management in Human Resources 

  • Master of Management - Logistics and Supply Chain Management 

  • Master of Management - International Accounting and Finance

  • Masters of Management in Finance 

  • Master of Supply Chain Management (MSCM) 

  • Master of Financial Risk Management 

  • Master of Science (MSc) in Management 

  • Master of Science (MSc) in Management: Marketing 

  • Master of Science (MSc) in Organizational Behaviour and Human Resource Management 

  • Master of Science (MSc) in Supply Chain Management (SCM) 

  • Master of Global Business (MGB) 

  • Technology Innovation Management Program 

  • Master of Health Management 

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Top Universities for Management in Canada

Top universities

Popular programs of Management

University of Manitoba, Asper

Master of Science (MSc) in Management

Odette School of Business, University of Windsor

Master of Management

Rochester Institute of Technology, Saunders

MS in Management

Queen's University, School of Business

Master of International Business

University of Lethbridge

Master of Science (Management)

Royal Roads University

Master of Global Management

Telfer School of Management, University of Ottawa

Master of Science in Management

Sauder School of Business, University of British Columbia

Master of Management

Charles Stuart University

MSc in Management


Master in Administration (MSC) – International Business

Goodman School of Business, Brook University

Master of Science in Management

Crandall University

Master of Organizational Management

University of Waterloo

MSc Management of Technology

Concordia University

Master of Science in Management

Munster School of Business Administration and Economics

MSc in Management

McGill University

Masters of Management in Finance

Memorial University

Master of Science in Management

The University of Winnipeg

Masters in Management

University of Victoria

Master of Global Business

Ted Rogers School of Management, Ryerson University

Master in Science Management



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