Management in Netherlands

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Exams Accepted
#2 University of Amsterdam

University of Amsterdam

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Bachelors: EUR 8250 Masters: EUR 13300
Entry Criteria: IELTS ,TOEFL
#3 Eindhoven University of Technology

Eindhoven University of Technology

Location: Eindhoven, Netherlands

Bachelors: EUR 10000 Masters: EUR 15000
Entry Criteria: IELTS ,TOEFL
#4 University of Groningen

University of Groningen

Location: Groningen, Netherlands

Bachelors: EUR 10800 Masters: EUR 11400
Entry Criteria: IELTS ,TOEFL
#5 Leiden University

Leiden University

Location: Leiden, Netherlands

Bachelors: EUR 10500 Masters: EUR 15000
Entry Criteria: IELTS ,TOEFL
#6 Utrecht University

Utrecht University

Location: Utrecht, Netherlands

Bachelors: EUR 9100 Masters: EUR 15575
Entry Criteria: IELTS ,TOEFL
#7 Wageningen University and Research Center

Wageningen University and Research Center

Location: Wageningen, Netherlands

Masters: EUR 17600
Entry Criteria: IELTS ,TOEFL
#8 University of Twente

University of Twente

Location: enschede, Netherlands

Bachelors: EUR 10625 Masters: EUR 12250
Entry Criteria: IELTS ,
#9 Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands

Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands

Location: Rotterdam, Netherlands

Bachelors: EUR 5900 Masters: EUR 14700
Entry Criteria: IELTS ,TOEFL
#10 Radboud University

Radboud University

Location: Nijmegen, Netherlands

Bachelors: EUR 11471
Entry Criteria: IELTS ,TOEFL
#11 Maastricht University

Maastricht University

Location: Maastricht, Netherlands

Bachelors: EUR 10000 Masters: EUR 13000
Entry Criteria: IELTS ,TOEFL
#13 Tilburg University

Tilburg University

Location: Tilburg, Netherlands

Entry Criteria: IELTS ,TOEFL
#14 EIT Digital Master School

EIT Digital Master School

Location: Eindhoven, Netherlands

Masters: EUR 10000
Entry Criteria: IELTS ,TOEFL
#15 HAN University of Applied Sciences

HAN University of Applied Sciences

Location: Nijmegen, Netherlands

Bachelors: EUR 7235 Masters: EUR 7500
Entry Criteria: IELTS ,TOEFL

Management Universities in Netherlands

Post graduate and Management courses attract a lot of students from different streams of study and disciplines. Studying management in Netherlands provide an extensive exposure to the international students with solid focus on global business trends and technology. 

Private institutes and Management colleges in Netherlands offer different types of Management courses in different academic duration. The types of management courses include regular MBA programs, one year MBA Management courses, Executive MBA courses, and Part time management courses. The various types of programs enable the international students to get admission in appropriate management courses according to their flexibility.

In addition to post graduate management courses, there are certificate and diploma courses offered by private and public management colleges.

Management colleges in Netherlands are globally ranked and reputed across the world. The cost of the management courses is comparatively low and thus preferred by international students.

Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University is the top rated management school in Netherlands, established with international faculties, global reputation and diversified teaching methods.

University of Amsterdam, one of the world’s best Universities and top ranked university in Europe and Netherlands houses the prestigious management college, Amsterdam Business School, which offers management courses.

Tias Business School is another top ranked management colleges in Netherlands, targeted by international students. Students who get admission to study Management in Netherlands in this institute gains professional edge and added skills, competing globally renowned institutions.

Maastricht University School of Business and Economics, accredited to Maastricht University, Netherlands. This University is ranked as top Universities with the global ranking.

The colleges that offer different streams of management courses are regulated by the respective university. The eligibility to study management in Netherlands is passing in the competitive English proficiency test like TOEFL and GMAT. The eligibility for International students vary according to the University or institute where the student applies for.


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