The Government of UK, announced new student visa routes, recently. The new visa routes will allow international students to get visas more easily and stay in the UK after the completion of their studies. The new visa system introduced for international students will be opened on October 5 and will replace the existing Tier 4 visa system. Furthermore, the new UK post study work visa will give the right to the international students to stay and work in the UK for up to 2 years after Masters and 3 years after PhD.

UK Introduces New Student Visa Rules from 5th October for International students

The universities in the UK have seen a good number of international admissions despite the COVID-19 pandemic. And this inflow of international students proves the popularity of the UK as their study abroad destination.

The UK Home Office said the new route will treat all the students, coming from any nation equally, including the students coming from EU to study after the Brexit transition period ends.

Changes in the UK visa Rules

Under the new system of a study visa, students need to have a total of 70 points to get visa approval. To achieve the required points international students should demonstrate that they have :

  • An acceptance letter from an approved educational institution of the UK
  • Are able to speak English and provide the evidence for the same.
  • Are able to support themselves financially during their studies in the UK.

This is the best opportunity for students to gain international exposure, and it is also one of the best countries for higher studies. This new route is feasible and easy immigration for the Indian students and other international students during the Covid-19 situation.

Highlights of the ‘simplified’ visa rules:

  • The General Student Route and Child Student Route for students aged 4-17 who want to study at an independent school in the UK  will open on 5 October for international students.
  • Students will require a total of 70 points to get approval for the study visa. Points are non-tradeable and will be awarded only when they fulfill the requirements.
  • Students who were issued an offer letter under the Tier 4 system and make an application before 5 October will be considered under the existing rules for that route.
  • Those applying from 5 October will be considered under the new and simplified rules.
  • Students will be required to prove a certain level of English, as they do under the current Tier 4 system. The level of English required will remain the same.
  • Students will also now be able to submit their visa application up to 6 months before their study program in the UK starts.
  • There is no need to resubmit proof of academic qualifications with their visa application.
  • There will continue to be no limit on the number of international students who can apply for UK universities.
  • The Graduate Route for Overseas students will open in the summer of 2021. This will allow eligible international students, who have completed undergraduate and postgraduate degrees to stay for 2 years and those who have completed a PhD to stay for 3 years to seek the job and work.

Status of Indian students in the UK

  • Indian students have been one of the largest groups in the UK of international students. In the previous financial year, around 50,000 Indian students were granted a study visa. The new simplified visa rules give a huge opportunity for the Indian students to study and gain work experience in Uk
  • The Director of British Council India, said: “The new Student Route is a welcome announcement for thousands of Indian students who opt for a UK education every year to gain international exposure.” He continued to say “It offers greater flexibility and ease of immigration for applicants,”
  • The Boris Johnson government is all set to introduce a new student visa route on the 5th of October.  The new student route will make the student application process easy for international students who will be applying to study in the UK. It will also make it easier to get visas and look for work after finishing their education for international students.

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