Oct 5, 2018

Education System in UK

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As you may already know, the United Kingdom is made of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Students around the world want to Study in UK, one of the reasons for that being UK University rankings. But first, you need to understand where to start and what United Kingdom Education System is. Here is the detailed description of Education system in UK:

Education System in UK - Everything You Need to Know

1. Education System in England:

Higher Education in England:

After 5 key stages UK schooling, higher studies in England start at the age of 18 normally, and unlike many other countries, the schooling of 13 years is required. Most international students therefore require doing a foundation course before admitted into the undergraduate program.

Undergraduate studies in England:

Since 1960s the undergraduate colleges and Universities have been highly funded by State, however, fees have gone up from October 2012 for Universities in England.

The degree rewarded at the end of graduation is mostly a “Bachelor’s”, which is sometimes an “honours”. Typical duration of Undergraduate Studies in England is of three academic years. Some Vocational Degrees have the duration of two years.

Postgraduate Studies in England:

Post Graduate studies are done after getting a bachelor’s degree. The post-graduation studies include:

1. Diploma, Graduate Certificate:

As the name suggest, they are diplomas and certification courses, often done as conversion courses for the subjects that students have not studied at graduate levels.

2. Post Graduate Diploma and PG Certificates:
Shorter than a full master’s program, these are more specialisation, subject related certificate and diploma courses for Graduate students.

3. Master’s in England:

Unlike other countries, even the full master’s program in England lasts for one year. Some research-based master’s program are exception, and they may run for two years in Universities in England.

4. Doctorate:

Doctorates require a master’s degree for the entry. They typically take 3 to 4 years to complete as per the subject. They include PhD and DPhil degrees. There are another type, a “New route” PhD, which take 4 years.

Top Universities in England:

Universities in England

World Ranking

Oxford University


University of Cambridge


Imperial College London


University College London (UCL)


LSE London School of Economics and Political Science



2. Education System in Northern Ireland:

Universities in Northern Ireland:

Higher Studies in Northern Ireland can be done in Open University (online courses), two well renowned Universities, and Further Colleges for the apprenticeships, training programs and other Degrees. Irish Education System is made of:

1. Queen’s University Belfast: world ranking 180

Home to St. Mary’s and Stranmillis University colleges, the Queen’s University is member of prestigious Russell Group of research Universities. It is 36th ranked in top Universities in UK, and 180th when it comes to top Universities in the world.

2. Ulster University: world ranking 601-650

With four campuses, it is the largest University in Northern Ireland, and the second largest of all the Universities in Ireland. It has a higher rate of employment in UK, with 92% of students working or studying further after the completion.

Further Education Colleges:

For higher education after schooling, there are six colleges in Northern Ireland, called Further Education Colleges in Ireland:

  • Southern Regional College
  • South West College
  • South Eastern Regional College
  • Northern Regional College
  • North West Regional College
  • Belfast metropolitan College

Education System in Scotland:

Higher Education in Scotland:

Higher Education is Scotland is same as other countries around the world. There are three levels of Degrees after the schooling in Scottish Education System:

1.Undergraduate - First Degree / Bachelor’s Programs

2.Taught Postgraduate - Primarily Master’s Degree Programs

3.Doctoral Research - Primarily PhD Programs

13% of the students studying in Higher Education in Scotland are international students.

Scotland has 15 Universities and 3 other institutes providing higher education degrees to the students. Top Scottish Universities are:

Universities in Scotland

World Ranking

University of Edinburgh


University of Glasgow


University of St. Andrews


University of Aberdeen


University of Strathclyde



Education System in Wales:

Higher Education in Wales:

  • When it comes to Wales Education System, the first Degree, or a bachelor’s degree remains the same. It takes three years to complete.

  • There is a special undergraduate master’s degree, which typically take four years to complete and not all college provide these programs.

  • Some colleges provide vocational based foundation programs, of which the length is typically two years.

  • The Master’s Degree typically takes two to three years depending on the course and subjects.

Here are top Universities in Wales and their world rankings:

Universities in Wales

World Ranking

Cardiff University


Aberystwyth University


Swansea University


Bangor University



This concludes the Education Systems across UK. No matter where you go, quality education is something that runs constant when talked about Universities in UK. Across the globe, 76 of UK universities are listed in Top Universities in the world.

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