Study in the UK still holds a lucrative position because of the quality of the education provided, and also because of the employability of those courses. For that reason, here are the top 5 courses that are likely to make one most employable after they graduate from the universities in UK.

Best Courses to Study in UK to Get a Good Job

Study Medical Sciences in UK:

About 90% of doctors, 85% of the dentistry students, and 88% of physiotherapists have gone into employment within a year or a year and a half after graduation. This speaks a lot about the quality of education imparted in the UK. They also earn around 40000-50000 pounds about 4 years on an average after their study in universities in UK. These courses, especially medical sciences don’t really differentiate insofar as the specialization. However, specialization in the fields of oncology, obstetrics/gynecology are preferred, immediately followed by general physicians, nursing, veterinary sciences which are followed by physiotherapy and psychology in the highest employment scale

Study Law in Uk:

Law is one course that should be mentioned when talking about courses to do in UK. Most people go to study in UK not just for the quality of the courses or the diversity of the courses to offer, but also because of the time it takes to complete the course. In Universities in UK, you can complete most law programs in half the time it takes to complete the same elsewhere. Besides, most law graduates are employed six months after graduating from their university in UK, averaging about 40000 pounds

Study Mathematics in UK:

Mathematics and Statistics is another lucrative course to study in the UK. You could end up working in the research wing for a large company or the labor rates for the government, the turnover rates for multinationals or just as teachers in high schools. Make no light note of that role because the qualifications for teachers in schools as primary as high schools are remarkably high too and the quality assessments are high as well. Therefore, getting a job there is considered impressive as well. Besides, mathematicians can hope to gain an average of 35000 pounds after 3-4 years of work on average. About 80% of the graduates find work within a year of graduating from any university in UK

Study Language Studies UK:

Talking about Europeans and Languages is talking of the same thing. With a cultural diversity as large as it has, Europe has a lot of languages and a lot of pride and history attached to it. With some of the oldest universities in UK, it is a prime destination to study language and linguistics. While not as lucrative as the other fields, students here end up grossing 30000 pounds in the same period as the others do. Languages open fields not just as researchers, but as interpreters, translators, etc.

Study Business in UK:

Unsurprisingly, most courses in the top 5 are either business or science almost anywhere and the same is true in the UK as well. While not grossing as much as the ones above, business graduates manage to pull in a fair share after graduating too.


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