One of the first things that come to people’s minds when studying in Europe comes in the possibility to backpack throughout Europe on the same passport and student’s visa. Where Germany is concerned, it’s the Oktoberfest, the myriad breweries, Neuschwanstein castle among other things. To say that is what invites about 400k students from across the world to pursue their education in Germany is somewhat of an exaggeration. The fact that German is a highly sought-after language, that Germany’s Engineering industry is one of the best in the world and most importantly, it has universities that give you value for your money is a more apt statement.


Study in Germany


Germany offers the unique facility of studying tuition-free in any of their public universities if you are fluent in their language and so certified. This doesn’t go to mean that courses aren’t taught in English. With the recent increase in foreign student influx, universities are striving to deliver quality in non-native languages too. One of the first things that anyone hears (apart from the fests and the parties) is its thriving automobile industry. This in itself is the start to our discussion of what the top courses in Germany are

Study Engineering in Germany:

Engineering students make up almost 25% of the total foreign students studying in Germany. While Mechanical Engineering is the most sought-after, Automobile Engineering and Electrical Engineering are not far behind. Is it any wonder that almost 70k international students are studying in Germany as of 2016? This is also backed by the fact that Times rating places 3 universities while QS rankings place 7 universities in the top 100 just for Mechanical Engineering. The industry is wide enough to absorb the top-tier outflux with its vibrant infrastructure and almost a million-strong workforce. Some of the best universities to study in are


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Study Management in Germany:

While Engineering runs unopposed, Management is not far behind as well. In fact, Germany is known for the orthodox fashion of management standards which is open to change and adaptation. German Management schools are ranked as some of the best across the world with quite a few in the top 100 list while many more make the 100-150 rank. Germany brings to the front international diversity and exposure to the field. Some of the best universities to study in are


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Study Social Sciences and Humanities in Germany:

While Germany may have popularised Engineering and Management Studies, Humanities courses have managed to maintain their allure. Studies of Philosophy, Environmental Sciences, History, etc have garnered immense repute. QS Rankings puts 11 universities for Philosophy alone, 3 for History, etc in the top 100. The study includes an analysis of the geopolitical influences on the schools of thought and an evaluative analysis setting the standard of these institutes very high. Persons of note that Germany produced include Heidelberg, Schopenhauer, Schelling, Hegel, etc Some of the best universities to study in are


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Study Linguistics &Literature in Germany:

Literature studies are quite famous in Germany. Ten Nobel Laureates are German while many writers take inspiration from Goethe, Grass and Schiller. Germany is famous for the way it approaches linguistics studies that only the French system of education matches. Some opine that German’s ability to be bi-/multi-lingual directly reflects in the quality of their language studies. Some of the best universities to study in are


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Apart from this, there are other courses, which, while not being as preferred, are still highly paid in the German market. Therefore, they retain a sense of appeal among the international community. Some of them are

  • Medicine and Dentistry
  • Maths and Computer Sciences
  • Fine arts.

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