Germany has evolved as one of the most favourite study destinations of international students, in the last few years. As a result, students from all corners of the world aspire to go to the European nation to pursue higher education. However, before leaving the home country to study abroad, it is very important to collect detailed information about the country’s system of education. In this article, we will provide you with all the information you would need, to plan your higher studies in Germany.

Study German degrees with low tuition fees and living cost in Germany

Low Tuition Fees with English as a Teaching Language:

We would like to begin by telling you the two most important things. First, it is not mandatory to know German to study in Germany. Most of the courses in German colleges and universities are conducted in English as well. The idea that one cannot pursue higher studies in Germany without knowing German is a myth. Secondly, it is possible to study in the country without paying any tuition fees. This opportunity remains almost unmatched in any other country that welcomes international students to its shores. Given below are details of the expenditures you may incur, if you study in Germany.

No Tuition Fees in Public Universities:

First things first, let us talk about the tuition fees. If you do not wish to pursue a Masters programme in a field different from that your graduation, German public universities will not charge you any tuition fees. Simply put, if you enrol in a Masters programme in the subject in which you graduated, you will not have to pay nay fees. Even though this kind of tuition-free schemes are available in some other countries, they are meant for students from particular countries. German universities will not look at your country of origin. Since most universities in Germany are public institutes of higher education, you will be required to pay only an administration fees of a hundred or two hundred euros, every year. You must remember that you will need to enrol afresh at the beginning of every semester, and your administration fees will cover your enrolment fees, and the services you will receive from the student organization. However, if you are not able to complete your course on time, you may have to pay tuition fees. In addition, if you study in areas like Saxony, Bremen, Thuringia, etc., you may have to pay tuition fees.

Important things to know about Germany:

If you study in a private university, you will end up paying tuition fees in the range of 3000 to 20000 euros, annually. Of course, your fees will depend on your field of study, and the university in which you will enrol yourself.

Some tuition-free universities of Germany are University of Bremen, University of Cologne, and University of Hamburg. Top ranked universities that will charge you tuition fees are Heidelberg University (6000 euros a year) and Technical University of Munich (2000 euros a year). Humboldt University of Berlin and Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich are top ranked universities that do not charge any tuition fees.

Accommodation costs the most, in Germany. Even then, Germany is a country where living is quite affordable. You will be able to comfortably live on 800 euros a month, including your expense for accommodation. You will need around 100 euros for food, and allocate ten percent of your budget for transportation costs.

We hope that you have all the information you need, to study in Germany. Plan accordingly, and make the most of the available opportunities!

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