Poland, or the Republic of Poland, is a sovereign nation situated in Central Europe. It is a member of the European Union, covers 3,12,679 square kilometres, and has a population of almost forty million. In recent years, Poland has emerged as one of the top study destinations of the world. Students from all corners of the world visit the country where the world’s first Ministry of Education was established. This alone shows how committed to, and serious about education Poland has been, traditionally.

Top Reasons to Study in Poland


Wide range of course options

Poland offers its students, both national and international, a wide range of subjects to pursue higher studies in, across disciplines. The universities offer a wide range of English-taught courses to international students and the educational sector itself has been expanded tremendously over the last few years. You must go through this: Top courses to study in Poland

Universities in Poland

The country has around five hundred universities or university-level institutions that impart higher education. Of these, there are eighteen universities that are fully accredited by the national government, twenty universities impart technical education and nine offer courses on medicine. Besides these, there are universities that promote higher education in the fields of Economics, Agriculture, Pedagogy, and Theology. Check this out: Universities in Poland

Affordable education in Poland

The tuition fees charged by Polish universities  are among the lowest in Europe. The country’s public universities do not charge its students any fees for pursuing higher studies. However, international students are required to pay around 2000 euros for pursuing graduation, post-graduation, and professional courses. For pursuing Ph.D., or other specialised and vocational courses, international students are charged 3000 euros. 
Needless to say, international students have complete access to the country’s public universities. The universities that are affordable, and impart a high standard of education are 

  • Warsaw University of Technology, 
  • Medical University of Lodz, 
  • Poznan University of Technology, 
  • Poznan University of Life Sciences, and 
  • University of Information Technology and Management.

Low cost of living in Poland

Another reason to study in Poland is the fact that it is a country that has a very stable economy. Typically, living costs are in the range of three hundred to six hundred euros a month, depending on the area in which a student decides to live in. Accommodation costs are around forty percent of a student’s budget, and food costs approximately one hundred euros a month. Public transport also provides cheap tickets.

Scholarships in Poland for International students

Poland offers attractive scholarships to its students. There are scholarships that are offered by the Polish government, for those who wish to study abroad in Poland. There is special financial assistance for students from developing countries. In fact, there is a large number of institutions that provide scholarships through government, foundations, and even universities themselves. So, this is another important reason to study in Poland as you can get benefited from these scholarships to pursue your higher studies there.

Advanced Quality Of Education

One of the main reasons international students choose to study in Poland is because the globally famed Polish education system follows the Bologna process. Thus the degrees earned from the universities in Poland are recognized internationally. With innumerable short-term and full-time programs on offer, Polish academic institutions emphasize the essentiality of gaining practical knowledge, creative skills, and exposure over theoretical knowledge. 

Student Life

Another reason to pursue higher studies in Poland is its exciting student life that international students fall in love with. International students get to explore its busy cities, cosmopolitan vibes, and cultural fests all over the year. They can immerse in the happening nightlife, parties, music festivals, and many more. The country is full of clubs, restaurants,  bars, and many other fun places to hang out. There is also a popular festival called Juvenilia celebrated in Poland with costumes, concerts, and many other fun activities which are solely hosted for students and youth of the country.


Hospitality is one of the most important features of Polish culture. The people of Poland are jolly and happy people you can easily mingle with. Polish people are ever ready to ask anyone out to meal or take them for a tour of the city they are in. As the locals are warm and lively people, you can adjust to this new place easily and you will feel right at home there.
In addition, there are part-time jobs available for students.  Given all the advantages the country offers its students, Poland definitely is the country to consider, for pursuing top-quality higher education.

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