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Poland has often overlooked European Study abroad destinations for international students. It has all the potential and opportunities for the students at low costs and without compromising anything on the quality of education. Fourteen of the Universities in Poland feature in the rankings of QS World University rankings. To study in Poland, the first task is to apply for a University. How to do that? Here is a comprehensive guide to help you with that:

How to apply to University in Poland?

1. Best Universities in Poland for International Students

Before applying, you are needed to choose a course and University in Poland to get started. As we have mentioned before there are fourteen universities in Poland with international standards of teaching. Here we have listed 10 of them to help you with the selection process.

List of Universities in Poland: Universities in Poland for International Students in 2023



Poland Universities Rankings (QS)


University of Warsaw



Jagiellonian University

3 Poznan University of Life Sciences 521-530


Warsaw University of Technology



AGH University of Science and Technology



Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań



Cracow University of Technology

8 University of Gdansk 801-1000


Lodz University of Technology



Nicolaus Copernicus University


2. Courses to Look forward at Universities in Poland

Once you shortlist the Universities you are interested in, the next step is to search for the courses available and the courses you want to pursue. Poland has a number of courses available for international students and they are well of the standards of international universities. Here are some of the courses you can look forward to studying in Poland:

  • Business and Management Courses in Poland
  • Economics Courses in Poland
  • International Relations Courses in Poland
  • Engineering Courses in Poland
  • Fashion Designing in Poland

You can check out: List of Engineering Universities in Poland

3. How to Apply

There is no centralized system to apply for universities in Poland. The best way to apply is from the Universities’ websites. The application process for international students at Universities in Poland is online. For the students from non-EU/EEA countries, there are visa requirements. Therefore it is advisable to start the preparation for the application early.

Application Deadlines and Poland Intakes 2023

There are two intakes in Poland which most of the Universities follow. Here are the intakes in Poland and their application deadlines:

Poland Intakes 2023


Fall Semester

Early October to Mid February

Spring Semester

Mid-February to Late June


EU / EEA students

Non-EU / EEA Students


Mid-July to Mid August

Documents Required by Universities in Poland

  • Certificates and Mark sheets of the previous study, a bachelor’s degree if applying for the Master’s Program
  • English Language Proficiency Proof (IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge)
  • Resume / CV
  • Statement of Purpose and Letters of Recommendations as per University requirements
  • Application Form from University filled by the student
  • Passport photographs
  • Medical Certificate
  • Payment receipt of admission fees

4. Poland University Fees:

Here are the average tuition fees at the Universities in Poland:

The fees here are average and approximate Poland University fees, and the fees will change with courses and Universities. The best source to check the fees for the courses you have chosen is to check the University websites.

Type of University

Undergraduate Program

Post Graduate Program

Public Universities in Poland

€2000  to €5000

€2000 to €6200

Private Universities in Poland

Varies with Universities, and up to EUR 50000

5. After Admissions:

Once you have secured admission to one of the Universities in Poland, the next step is to get a student visa and residence permit to study in Poland. For EU / EEA students, no visa is required. However, they are required to apply for a residence permit in Poland.

For non-EU / EEA students, they will need both a study visa and a residence permit. Students are also advised to have a valid health insurance plan before flying to Poland. You can find more information on the student visa process here: Student Visa in Poland

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