Want to study in Netherlands? Don’t know the Dutch language? Don’t worry. The Netherlands has one of the most proficient English speakers in Europe. There are more than 2,000 study programs offered in English for international students to pursue their education in Netherlands. You can also do everyday tasks without speaking the local language. 

Study in Netherlands in English

The Netherlands is the first non-English speaking country in which higher education institutions have started to design study programs in English. The study programs and courses are available in the Netherlands, covering a broad range of fields, and leading to a bachelor’s, master’s, Ph.D., diploma, or certificate. 

English language requirements for Studying Abroad in Netherlands

The universities in Netherlands do have strict language requirements if you come to study there from a nonspeaking English country. As an international student, you are required to prove your English language proficiency with the help of recognized tests. Generally, TOEFL, IELTS, and PTE are accepted as proof of your language skills. You should check the website of your chosen university for exact details about their requirements. Here is the list of top Universities in Netherlands for masters and their TOEFL  or IELTS requirements.



Minimum IELTS requirements

Minimum TOEFL requirements

Delft University of Technology

Minimum 6.5 bands overall 6.0 in each module

Minimum 90 overall, 21 in each module

University of Amsterdam

Minimum 6.5 bands, 6.5 in each module

Minimum 92, 22 in each module

Eindhoven University of Technology

Minimum 6.5 bands, 6.0 in each module

Minimum 90, 21 in each module

University of Groningen

Minimum 6.5 bands overall, 6.0 in each module

Minimum 92 overall, 22 in each module

Leiden University

Minimum 6.5 bands overall

Minimum 90, can be only sent by ETS

Utrecht University

Minimum 6.5 bands overall, 5.5 in writing

Minimum 83, 24 in reading, 20 in speaking, 22 in listening, 17 in writing

Erasmus University Rotterdam

Minimum 6.5 bands, 6.0 in each module

Minimum 90, 20 in each module

Vrije University Amsterdam

Minimum 6.5 bands, 6.0 per section for most courses

92 overall


These are just 8 top Universities of many to study in Netherlands in Engli8 sh. Exact details on score Requirements of English Language for particular University and Courses can be checked on the respective websites of the Universities. 


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