Germany has always been amongst the “farrunner” nations when it comes to revelation in various fields. But especially in the education sector, it has left no stone unturned in helping lakhs of students to make a mark in foreign countries by taking admission in the most prolific universities. International students in Germany have exceeded the target, which was planned by German authorities by 2020. As the statistics suggests that more than 3,58,000 students were pursuing higher education in the most coveted colleges of Germany in 2017 itself. Thus, it is quite evident that students are allured towards the impeccable quality of german teachings rather than any other country in the world.

Number of International Students in Germany reaches 350,000

Universities in Germany for International students

Numerous esteemed universities in Germany engage the most number of international students in various streams of education. Some of the most prominent ones are the Technical University of Munich, University of Heidelberg, Freie University of Berlin, and Karlsruhe Institute of technology. Highly reputed universities ensure that they provide massive privileges to International students in Germany, such as relaxation in tuition fees and hands-on experience in big organizations. 

This has led students from countries like India, China, the USA, Korea, and Pakistan to pursue higher education in any of these coveted colleges. More than 15,000 students from India have migrated to Germany for higher education, and these are gradually increasing as well. But, the most number of international students in Germany are from China, which numbers at almost 35,000 which is a significant 8.5% contribution to the overall figures. Engineering in Germany is the most preferred course by international students.

Thus, Germany reigns supreme over other countries when it comes to engaging the most percentage of students from foreign countries. Leaving behind foreign educational hubs like Canada, Australia, and China. Thus a massive number of students from all around the world have preferred to study in Germany scholarships for better opportunities.

Study in Germany Requirements:

If you want to study at one of these German Universities there are some general requirements to be followed and fulfilled. The most important of them would be an acceptance from the university and the student visa to study in Germany. Students are also required to show that they have enough monetary funds to sustain themselves during their stay in Germany. There is also a requirement of health coverage in Germany for the overseas students. Here is more on how to apply in Germany: How to Apply to Universities in Germany?

Study in Germany for Indian Students

Many universities in Germany holds massive percentage of Indian students due to world class educational proficiencies and reputation all around the world. Bachelors in Germany in engineering, natural sciences, mathematics, and English are the most preferred courses among Indian students. Even management courses for MBA aspirants are quite popular in Germany. Karlsruhe Institute of technology is the most preferred institute by International students in Germany. Renowned for its automotive engineering proficiencies, Germany has also attracted massive number of India students in this sector as well. 

Study in Germany in English

For International studetns in Germany, there are English taught courses. The universities offer a wide range of courses in English as a medium of instruction. Therefore, international students coming to Germany do not nessecerily have to know the German Language. For all the intakes in Germany, there are English courses available. You can read more on the process of applying here: Study in Germany in English

Free Education in Germany for International students:

Germany is one of the very few companies in the world, where even international students can study tuition free. For Public universities in Germany, students just have to pay minimal tuition fees, and not any of tuition fees for the courses. Though keep in mind that the public universities are extremely competitive and students will still have to bear the living expenses and the costs that are not academic. Here is more: Study in Germany for Free

Paves the way for Great Future Endeavors

With impeccable results and top-notch internships for the International students, Germany has rapidly grown as the ideal location for pusuing higher studies. Even students from various diversities of the world are engaging themselves in distinct courses, which has assured that Germany has become a force to be reckoned with in the foreign education sector. It seems that in the following decade, the number of international students in Germany is only going to increase and would make this country the most place for pursuing higher education in some of the most vital courses on offer.

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