Are you planning to study in Germany? Well, we understand your doubts if you don’t know the language.

It can be said that if you are an English speaker then German will eventually turn out to be a friendly destination for you and a stellar destination if you are an exchange student. This place is very friendly for the English students who want to study here.

Study in Germany in English

Learning Germany Won’t Be Necessary In Here

German is a very huge cosmopolitan city and many of its larger cities have a number of services that are available in English. According to a survey that was conducted in the year 2012, it has been revealed that almost 50% of the German people find comfort in speaking the English language.

The number might also increase amongst the youth of German and students as well. These are the people with whom you will be interacting the most while you plan to study abroad in Germany.

If you see that you are not confident at all in speaking German then you don’t have to worry about it as you will see that there are various kinds of programs that are taught in English all over the country.

You just have to be a little pickier when you think of selecting the program that you are going to study in Germany.

Here are few factors that you need to have a look once if you are going to study in Germany without knowing a little German.

Study Abroad In Germany in English 

It is the truth that you don’t go to study abroad in Germany learn the native language. If you are visiting there for a cultural experience and life in a new place is not more than any factor.

However, if you have chosen a study abroad program then it will assist you in tailoring a program so that you can fit in however you want to. And make sure that you are learning everything in English.

The first great step that you can take while you are thinking to study abroad in Germany is to find a program that is offering a majority of its courses in English. You have to do a little research on the internet to find such program.

You can also take help from your school’s study abroad office that has been a partner with the abroad countries like Germany.

Many times the North American institution try to partner with such foreign institutions that will provide the programming in the English language. However, the idea is not bad if you ask your school office if they provide any German language class.

List of Universities in Germany that Teach in English

  1. Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
  2. Technische Universitat Munchen
  3. University of Gottingen
  4. Freie Universitat Berlin
  5. Technische Universitat Dresden
  6. University of Bonn
  7. Universitat Hamburg
  8. HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management
  9. University of Stuttgart
  10. RWTH Aachen University
  11. Technische Universitat Berlin
  12. TU Darmstadt

Tuition Free Universities in Germany Taught in English

The public universities in Germany barring one or two, are tuition-free even for international students. As a result, the English speaking courses offered in these universities do not have any tuition fees either. International students can enrol and they are not required to pay any tuition fees for their courses. However, there are some nominal semester fees to be paid every semester that does not exceed 300 euros. You can read more about the tuition-free universities of Germany here: Study in Germany for FREE 2019 | List of Free or Low-cost Universities in Germany

English Housing Resource in Germany

Most of the time that you are going to spend to study in Germany is outside the classroom instead of being inside.

So, it has become quite significant that you have to choose a comfortable place to stay that is just near to our school or just around the area or district where your school is.

However, if you have plans to focus on your course and don’t have much desire to learn the German language then it will be better for you that you skip the homestays. Homestays are basically for those students who want to have an experience is language learning.

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