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Study in Germany is essentially primarily beneficial for international students because Germany gives an accommodating work-after-study program to enhance job opportunities.


Best students Cities to Study in Germany


Study in Munich

This southernmost city of Germany is at second place in this list. It is the strongest economic hub of the country, being the headquarters of the top hi-tech, electronics, and automobile industries. This generates excellent job opportunities for students across different fields.

Studying in Munich understandably is one of the best choices for international students because it scores just next to Berlin in affordability. Munich is rich in ancient culture, luxurious Bavarian architecture, and scenic beauty besides being the home for a few of the best universities of the world and excellent research opportunities. So folks, don’t miss out on Munich if you wish to study in Germany. The top universities are


  • Ludwig Maximillian's University
  • Munich Business School
  • Technical University of Munich
  • Munich University of Applied Sciences
  • SDI München

Here are some facts about Munich:

Number of German universities ranked by QS 2
Top university Technical University of Munich (49th in the world)
Population 1,538,000
Desirability ranking 7
Employer Activity Ranking 13
Affordability Ranking 45
Student Vision Ranking =8


Study in Berlin

Study in Berlin is perhaps the best choice because it offers an extremely wide range of research facilities and higher education. The city has many different facets which are very difficult to put in a nutshell. Berlin is famous for its multiculturalism and historical glory and is also a flourishing commercial hub. The easy affordability is another high point of attraction for students. The best Universities are


Here are some facts about Berlin:

Number of German universities ranked by QS 3
Top university     
Freie Universitäet Berlin (118th in the world)
Population 3,562,000
Desirability ranking 8th
Employer Activity Ranking 16th
Affordability Ranking 44th
Student Vision Ranking 1st


Study in Stuttgart

Study in Stuttgart can be fruitful. It is a modern and progressive city providing necessary information regarding higher education. The highest ranked academic institution is the University of Stuttgart.

Here are some facts about Stuttgart:

Number of German universities ranked by QS 2
Top university Universität Stuttgart (ranked 279th)
Population     633,000
Desirability ranking 26th
Employer Activity Ranking 99th
Affordability Ranking 63rd
Student Vision Ranking 115th


Other Top student cities in Germany are:

  • Frankfurt
  • Dresden
  • Aachen
  • Bonn
  • Hamburg
  • Cologne
  • Leipzig 

Regardless of the astonishing culture and history in all of Germany, the above list of student cities always give good reviews. No matter which city you choose to study in Germany, it will surely provide you with the necessary skill required to set your career and an experience to remember. 


Why Should International Students Study in German Cities?

According to the QS Best Student Cities rankings, 2 of the top 10 student cities are in Germany.  Here are the main reasons why you should choose a German city for your higher education: 

  • Quality of life
  • Quality of education 
  • Renowned Universities 
  • Affordability 

Where to study in Germany?

Studying in Germany is an unforgettable experience for international students. This Western European country is splendid in its landscapes and academic life. You can choose one of the following popular cities in Germany to pursue your higher education: 

  • Munich.
  • Berlin.
  • Stuttgart.
  • Frankfurt.
  • Dresden.
  • Aachen.
  • Bonn.
  • Hamburg.

Is it worth Studying in Munich?

Yes, It is worth studying in Munich. It is a safe, clean, and multicultural city. Most importantly it is found in the list of the top 10 best cities in the world to study in. There are lots of opportunities to pursue your higher education in Munich, with several universities and colleges. However, remember that the level of competition is really high and so, you will have to put in your best efforts to stand out from the crowd. 

Is it worth Studying in Berlin?

Without any doubt, Berlin is one of the best student cities in Germany. The vast exposure and facilities available in Berlin are certainly going to make your studies worth it. Besides the high-quality education, it has also a lot to offer for personal development. It is the capital city of Germany, so it is very close to politics, history, and up-to-date developments. One can engage yourself in the German culture and get to know the diversity of the nation.

Are German cities cheap for students?

Studying abroad is always costlier than studying in your home country. The cost of studying in Germany varies with the city you choose to study in. It may range between 800-1000 EUR per month

What is the cheapest city to study in in Germany?

Leipzig is one of the cheapest student cities in Germany. Other cheap options for international students are Dresden and Aachen.


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