While thinking about Studying abroad, Study in Germany should be seriously considered as a destination. Why study in Germany? Not only have they relaxed the rules about the German language, they have some of the prestigious universities to offer at the most affordable tuition fees. Additionally, they have introduced a study program, which will open doors to study and work in Germany for international students. Here is all you need to know about Dual Study programs in Germany.

Dual Studies in Germany: Work and Study Together

What is Dual System?

A dual program is a work-study program that allows students to have an industry working experience while pursuing in a higher studies in Germany. Understand the difference that Dual Studies and Dual-Degree programs are not the same thing. “Dual studies” is a combination of theoretical and practical aspects of program.

This kind of Work and Study program allows students to enrol in an institution, which will allow them to have a practical experience in their field of specialisation. For International students in Germany, it will provide a diploma that is equivalent to a bachelor’s degree. It also offers additional Master’s elements. That is done in summer months as an internship.

Here are some of the key aspects of Dual Education System:

  • It is a combination of academic diploma, and a professional training. At the end of the academic session, an examination for both is organised by the institution.
  • The final grade is determined by the assessment of both the aspects equally weighted in a unified manner.
  • Professionals who are already in the work force can achieve academic milestones by pursuing the Dual Studies.

Eligibility Criteria for Dual Studies:

  • Students who want to pursue dual studies should possess a high school diploma, or a certificate equivalent to that.
  • A certificate of higher German Language skills.
  • If you have a high school diploma from any German University, then the application will be accepted unconditionally. Other diplomas will be needed to verified and approved by the Student’s Local Office for the Recognition of Diplomas (Zeugnisanerkennungsstelle)
  • The Goethe Institute issues certificate in proficiency in German Language, and conducts tests for German Language on regular basis.

Institutes, Companies and Deadlines:

  • Many companies all around Germany support the Dual Studies program. The companies that have a tie up for the specific program are generally listed on the official website of the Institute you will be applying to. The courses and companies change from institute to institute. Hence, analyse and shortlist the institutes accordingly after a thorough research.
  • Addition to that, each course will have a different application procedure and requirements and a competition of its own. Start preparing for it accordingly. Applications for individual internship begins 12-14 months before the academic term start. Therefore, students should start application process approximately 18 months before the admission.

Application Process:

For Application Process you will have to follow below given steps:

  • Research and shortlist preferred colleges and universities in Germany along with a particular German Company.
  • Start documentation of your identity proofs and academic certificates, diplomas.
  • Acquire a certificate of proficiency in German Language by the Goethe Institute, or other recognised body for German Language.
  • Arrange Visa, International Health Insurance and residency permit documents if you are an international student, especially outside of EU.
  • Prepare documents of evidence of your Monetary Funds.

Fees and Scholarship:

The biggest advantage of Dual studies in Germany is a guaranteed income. The company, in which the student will have internship or training program, will provide a guaranteed pay.

This not only will help students with their day-to-day expenses, but will also take care of academic fees. Reimbursement varies from institute to institute. However, it will be same as German Student’s pay.

To promote and support international students, there are also number of scholarships available from international funds. This should be taken care of before the application process, as it is required for the acceptance. 

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