The education system of France is known as the finest and best in Europe. Numerous universities in the country have been are frequently ranked among the top universities. It is obvious that being counted among prestigious universities, it would also cost high. But fortunately, there are universities in France that have low tuition fees for international students as well. Here we will be discussing the Affordable Universities in France for International students.



Affordable Universities in France

Many universities of France offer very affordable tuition fees which are an added advantage to prospective students. Therefore, it is one of the top reasons to study in France. Let us now find the universities which are affordable for you:

1. University of Strasbourg:

The University of Strasbourg is a public higher education institution in France The University of Strasbourg welcomes a good number of international students from all the parts of the world. The university is well known for the research on natural sciences and has been in the top along with its 72 research units. It is listed in the list of the low cost universities in France for international students. The tuition fee for Undergraduate degree programmes is around €184/academic year and Master’s degrees are €256/academic year.

2. Ecole Centrale de Lyon

École Centrale de Lyon has been the institute which has produced many international leaders, generalist as well as engineers. It has 150 years of experience in providing education, particularly in engineering. It is counted in the cheap schools in France for international students. The tuition fee of the institute is around EUR 2513 per Year. The history and the experience of the university is the reason why it still exists so if you want to have rich historical experience, enrol at this university.

3. Sciences Po

Sciences Po has been progressing particularly in its international reach with nearly half of its total students are international students. It is counted among the France cheapest universities for international students when compared to other private universities. The tuition fee is around €10,700 per year for the undergraduate programmes and €14,700 per year for the Master's programmes. The university also provides financial assistance to one out of every four students enrolled including international students.



4. École Polytechnique

École Polytechnique is one of the cheapest universities in Paris for international students. It is a public institution of higher education in the country. It is the leading institution which is a combination of top level research, academics, and innovation.  The range of academic programs includes undergraduate, Masters and PhD programs. The Tuition fee for international students can cost around 33,000  EUR for the entire degree.

5. Nantes University

If we talk about France cheapest university, how can we forget Nantes University? It is one of the top public universities in the Nantes city of France. The university is ranked 801-1000 in the world according to the QS Global World Rankings 2021. 90% of Graduates from the university find permanent jobs. Here the  Bachelor’s program can cost around 184€ per year and 256€  for Master’s Program.

6. Paris School of Business

The Paris School of Business (PSB) is one of the most prestigious schools of business in the world. The institute offers a thorough learning environment for the students. It is known for its academic excellence, international awareness and professional experiences. The Paris School of Business is the cheapest university in Paris. The university fee for international students would be around €9,950 per year.

7.University of Orleans

The University of Orleans has been characterized as multidisciplinary with 3 huge faculties, 4 University Institutes of Technology, and 1 engineering school. The university’s international focus is continuously growing more stable and stronger. The tuition fees can cost you around EUR 11967 for bachelors program and EUR 11536 for the masters program. Along with the affordable university in France, research has been the main attraction for international students.



8. Montpellier University

Montpellier University is one of the affordable universities in France and has enrolled more than 50,000 students, including overseas students. Being an international university it is an intensive-research university. The tuition fee of the university varies from €180 to €700 depending on the Bachelor, Master, Doctorate level degree of education.


France is a good choice for international students who are looking for quality education at an affordable price. We hope you got a good list of France most affordable universities for international students. Additionally, you can also find ways of financing your education through scholarships and awards.

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